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  1. larryvietvet

    Best template rack?

    FATBOY, Love your 5 ball is orange. Watched pool on u-tube during covid. The announcers were obsessed boasting about how good they used to be and forgot to inform the viewers which blurry ball was the next object ball. Please explain your concern with the template rack in more detail. Most...
  2. larryvietvet

    Best template rack?

    Have the Accu and Magic, prefer the magic as it's easier to remove between small gaps. Two years medium use at home developed gaps by the 8 ball and 5th row. Used scotch tape and covered 1/3 of the outside edge of the effected slots one side only. Tight racks now.
  3. larryvietvet

    The truth about Cleaning/waxing/polishing balls and Aramith cleaner

    My comment is regarding the WPBA rule. Wonder if this rule is enforced during the professional tournaments? Would love to hear from an official or player in the know. Cut induced throw is minimal with wax and silicone. Throw is huge after washing the balls and wiping down with alcohol or...