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    New Predator Carom Table

    Lucky's in Okc has one and I really like it.
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    Affect/Effect Your/You're

    Add break and brake to the list... None of these are that big of a deal, but my mom was an English teacher. They do jump out at me and I hear her "correcting"...
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    Poll: What do you enjoy most about reading/posting on AzBilliards?

    I picked "Other". I check out what's going on and read the Funny Pic/Gif thread... -bes
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    SVB to Kick Off High Run Attempts

    I can't figure out why I read through so much of this thread, but it is kind of fun. I appreciate anything that promotes pool and enjoy watching great players play. I followed the JS high run thread for a while, but finally bailed out... I don't think there is any chance that new pocket...
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Bugs used air ducted from the engine for heat. Until it got "stupid cold" they usually worked well. The problem is that one of the first thing VW hotrodders (and lazy mechanics) did was remove or alter the engine cooling shrouds and/or the heater ducts. Once the shrouds were tweaked or...
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    The Driller!

    Really sad news! Watching Gary playing and woofing was always fun. He was always friendly and was one of those guys who you were always glad to see.
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    Unusual Schon ID

    A guy showed me an unusual Schon cue yesterday. I failed to take any pictures, but was hoping someone could help identify it... It had sharp points, but all inlays had rounded corner. The ferrules looked yellow (micarta?). The weirdest part was that "Schon" was not written on the butt cap...
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    AAA 8-Ball Tournament Results

    Enjoyed watching the 8-Ball tournament at AAA in Okc last weekend (Apr 27-29). Chip Compton took the $2000 first prize, Gordy took second, and Joey took third.
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    Smoking could be part of the problem too...

    Back in the day, it seemed like everyone smoked, and that smoking, and hanging out in smoky places was acceptable if not the norm. By acceptable, I mean to parents of kids as well as to the general population. I never smoked, but was unavoidably around it most of my early life. People smoked...
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    Teaching Kids

    My GF's 6 year old daughter has taken some interest in pool after coming to the hall with me on several (OK numerous) occasions. I would like for her to learn to play and enjoy the game. I got her a cue (though it would help her interest) for Christmas. I'm looking for help and suggestions...
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    Pocket Dimensions and Angles?

    Played for a couple hours on a double shimmed GC last night and had all sorts of problems. The corner pockets were probably around 4.25" - likely a shade under - but I don't think that was the biggest problem. The pocket cuts looked "funny" and they just didn't seem to accept balls well at...
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    Getting better or just lucky?

    I've recently found a room with a carom table, and have become addicted to 3C. I've been watching and playing as much as possible, but, until very recently, struggled on even the easiest (looking) naturals. The last three times I played were strange though. The first (of three) was odd in...
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    Wayne Holmes Custom Cues

    I contracted with Wayne Holmes to make me a cue earlier in the year. He was exceptionally easy to work with and definitely a no nonsense guy. It didn't take him long to help me sort out the details of what I was looking for in a cue. Basically, I wanted something with a classic, classy look...