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  1. Roger Long

    Arizona State Championships This is a link to Dr. Dave's ratings comparison chart. In it he has descriptive player levels which are the ones that the AZBHOF will be using, except that the AZBHOF calls Dave's "Pro/Shortstop" levels Experts and calls his...
  2. Roger Long

    Arizona State Championships

    This tournament is designed to be inviting to all players, not just those who are active in any given league or tournament system. It is a fact that anyone who plays pool can be put into one of four different skill categories. The AZBHOF anticipates that it should not be a huge problem to...
  3. Roger Long

    Arizona State Championships

    The board of directors for the The Arizona Billiards Hall of Fame has decided to undertake the task of becoming a sanctioning body and promoter of Arizona State Championships. The plan calls for at least two championship tournaments per year - one in 8-ball and one in 9-ball. Each championship...
  4. Roger Long

    Shaft Question - how to make slick and remove dry wood feel

    Just for the record, Action does not make any cues that have a finish on the full length of the shaft, nor are any of their shafts made from a terrible grade maple or have a terrible taper. In my opinion, there are only two concerns with the purchase of Action cues: 1) I don't believe they take...
  5. Roger Long

    Wood vs. Carbon Fiber cue ball squirt (with a twist)

    Hi, Dave. You said the Predator Revo shaft creates much less CB deflection than a typical solid maple shaft, but that has not been my experience in the one or two Revo shafts I have tested. I have another Revo shaft that I will test later today. If possible, I will post a video with the...
  6. Roger Long

    HOW TO REPLACE A CUE TIP … No Special Tools Required

    I'm not doubting your word that the guy reduced the size of your ferrule, but when you say that "It always bugged me to see the fibers in the ferrule" I have to say that you were probably going to see the fibers in that ferrule no matter what. That's because of the particular melamine ferrules...
  7. Roger Long

    Wood vs. Carbon Fiber cue ball squirt (with a twist)

    I built a robot for testing the amount of deflection in shafts. What I have found in the shafts that I have tested so far is that the wooden LD shafts deflected the cue ball about half the amount of the standard maple 13mm shaft that I use for comparison. However, almost every carbon fiber...
  8. Roger Long

    Cyclop balls cracking

    Thanks for the info. I suppose that's pretty common knowledge here on AZB, but I haven't been on here in a long while or else I would have already known that. It's probably safest to stick with any ball made by Aramith rather than jump on the bandwagon of the latest thing.
  9. Roger Long

    Cyclop balls cracking

    Has anyone else experienced this problem?
  10. Roger Long

    Arizona's equivalent of the Mosconi Cup

    Mike Bates, the owner of Bull Shooters Billiards in Phoenix, is offering his version of the Mosconi Cup on Saturday, March 17 when one all-star team from the East Valley Masters League will meet one all-start team from the West Valley Masters League in the 2018 Masters Cup. This contest requires...
  11. Roger Long

    Test Post

    I've been having trouble posting to this forum. I log in. It tells me I may post new threads and may reply to threads. But then I write my post and click on "submit new thread" and it takes me to a screen that tells me that I'm not logged in. So then, once I log in again, my post is completely...
  12. Roger Long

    Question for Dr. Dave on cue weight

    I'm wondering why the BCA has a 25-oz. limit on the weight of pool cues. Do you think a cue that is heavier than 25 ounces can possibly give a player some sort of unfair advantage? Roger
  13. Roger Long

    Oscar, Deriree and the Mezz West State Tour

    Oscar Dominguez and Deriree Rivera brought their Mezz West State Tour to Bull Shooters in Phoenix over this past weekend, and I've got to say I've never been more impressed. With solid sponsorship support from Mezz Cues and West State Billiard Supply, Oscar and Desiree have developed something...
  14. Roger Long

    Mezz Tour in Phoenix, Jan. 10 & 11

    The Mezz West State Tour will be at Bull Shooters in Phoenix this weekend, Jan. 10 & 11. The format will be 9-Ball on nine-foot tables. $65 entry and $15 green fee. Doors open at 10:00am. Tournament starts at noon. Bull Shooters is located at 3337 W. Peoria Ave., Phoenix, Az 85029...
  15. Roger Long

    Mezz Tour in Phoenix this weekend, Jan. 10 & 11

    The Mezz West State Tour will be at Bull Shooters in Phoenix this weekend. Bull Shooters has 18, 9-ft tables available for this event (16 Gold Crowns, 2 Diamonds). Outside of CSI's Southwest Regional Championships, this will be the biggest and most prestigious pool tournament that Arizona has...
  16. Roger Long

    Oscar Dominguez and Amar Kang split

    I just read the report on the AZB home page where Oscar and Amar split 1st & 2nd place winnings in the Mezz West State Tour 10-ball tournament in Sacramento this past weekend. Although that might have been the merciful thing to do in a tournament where the second set of the final match wasn't...
  17. Roger Long

    Andy Pro cloth

    Has anyone here used Andy Pro cloth, and if so, what do you think of it? Roger
  18. Roger Long

    Mitch Ellerman is a monster!

    When Metro Sportz Bar in Phoenix installed nine Diamond bar boxes a while back, the Arizona Hot Shots Pool League (BCAPL sanctioned), immediately formed a Wednesday night in-house league there. The league is a tough one as it is open to all players (even pros), with no individual handicaps...
  19. Roger Long

    Bonus Ball Championship Match today (Saturday)

    The last two teams standing will square off today. The Atlanta Scorpions (Johnny Archer, Shannon Daulton, Dennis Hatch) have survived some very tough matches to earn the right to challenge the mighty Minnesota Outlaws (Thorsten Hohmann, Ralf Souquet, Jesse Engel). For us diehard pool fans...
  20. Roger Long

    Bonus Ball Match #10 today (Thursday)

    Last night, the Atlanta Scorpions (Johnny Archer, Dennis Hatch, Shannon Daulton) eliminated the #1 seed New Your Pride (Earl Strickland, Larry Nevel, Warren Kiamco), and have earned their way into the final match on Saturday. Today's match will be the second of two semi-finals and will pit the...