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  1. bdcues

    6-pie Kielwood dowels

    Still have a few 6-pie Kielwood dowels for sale. $100 each. Shipping is $35.00 in USA. Text is best, 5093929015
  2. bdcues

    What Happened to Justin Bergman?

    Yes, my SS360/2 6-pie kielwood shafts.
  3. bdcues

    What Happened to Justin Bergman?

    Yes, my SS360/2 6-pie Kielwood.
  4. bdcues

    What Happened to Justin Bergman?

    What is Justin doing? Waiting for his new cue. Next month we become cue sponsor for Justin. Ebony cue with SS360/2 kielwood shaft. Practice, tournament, on the road for a couple of weeks. He will be at the SBE in April, as will we.
  5. bdcues

    8 SS collars

    SOLD Have 8 SS joint collars. These as 5/16 x 18 x .875. $32 plus actual shipping.
  6. bdcues

    Box of Purpleheart

    SOLD. Have 14 pieces of 1.4 x 1.4 x 23" Purpleheart, enough to fill a large flat rate box. $8.00 @ for $112 plus $22.00 for flat rate shipping for a total of $132.00. SOLD
  7. bdcues

    Bubinga squares for sale

    Have a limited amount of 18" squares left and a few 16" squares.
  8. bdcues

    Resin Impreg Western Maple

    SOLD 5 pieces of resin impregnated, dyed yellow, spalted, figured Western Maple. Professionally impregnated. Lengths for 16" to 19". All for $200 shipped. Post here or text, 5093929015. SOLD
  9. bdcues

    Bubinga squares for sale

    The former member known as JC has bought all the 20" pieces. Believe there are still around 30 or so pieces of the 18" lengths.
  10. bdcues

    Searing precision tips review

    Have been recommending these tips to my customers for a couple of years and use standard on my 6-pie kielwood shafts. Great tips, great price.
  11. bdcues

    Bubinga squares for sale

    1.5 x 1.5 x 20" Bubinga. Picture doesn't do these pieces justice. Have 20 pieces this size. Beautiful color and chatoyance with good figure. These are old, over 20 years, and dry/stable. Price is $20@ Also have 1.5 x 1.5 x 18" pieces at $18@. Ships in large flat rate box for $22.00. Contact me...
  12. bdcues

    Mexican Cocobolo for sale

    To those that ordered yesterday.... Many thanks. There are still 49 dowels left.
  13. bdcues

    12" Mexican Cocobolo for sale

    Same old stock as the 24" already listed. Have 36 pieces, $18@ plus shipping. Jointed 2 sides, surfaced 2 sides and sold as squares not dowels. Again, either respond here or text 5093929015.
  14. bdcues

    Mexican Cocobolo for sale

    Have 70 Cocobolo squares that are about 30yrs old. They are oversized 1.5 x 1.5 and 24" long. Due to their age there is plenty of oxidation so hard to see what they will look like when turned. So, selling these as random dowels, 23.5" long so they will fit in a large flat rate box and ship for...
  15. bdcues

    Anyone heard from Bob Danielson

    Alive and well even after having covid and, yes, Jeff, our governor sucks. Very busy and behind as always. Have cue orders running into next year. Selling more 6-pie Kielwood shafts now. They run from $250 - 400 depending on figure.... no figure $250, 4AAAA curly $400. Bout 3 week wait time on...
  16. bdcues

    Anyone heard from Bob Danielson

    Still alive, just behind as usual. Don't give up on me quite yet.
  17. bdcues

    Cored Amboyna forearm

    This has been hanging around for about 3 years. Nose is about 1.085". Small inclusion on one side that should turn out completely. Great figure. Has not been turned in ages so color is a bit dull along with bad lighting. Beautiful piece and great price. Text only so I can get some work done...
  18. bdcues

    WTB: Atlas style natural linen for butt caps

    Looking to buy about a foot of the larger diameter Atlas natural brown linen phenolic for butt caps. Would buy more if someone willing to sell. Thanks, Bob
  19. bdcues

    Curly and Birdseye rounds for sale

    Have 18 rounds, 15 are curly, 3 birdseye. They are at least 1.300" in diameter and 12.5" long. Figure varies. Shipped in flat rate box for ----. Text is best but I will be checking back here also. 509 392 9015. Thanks PRICE REDUCTION TO $80.00 SHIPPED