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  1. beav99_4life

    WTB Richard Harris "Bluegrass" Cue

    I currently have one of the first sneaky petes that Richard ever made and it plays great, but I'm ready to upgrade a little. If anyone has one of his cues for sale that isn't an SP, please let me know. Thanks and hope everyone has a great weekend.
  2. beav99_4life

    Some Observations After My Hiatus

    So I've been out of the pool scene for the most part of six years or so. To be honest, I simply got tired of dealing with pool players. I have been getting the itch to play a little recently and had surgery last month, so I decided to start playing again to get out a little and get some steps...
  3. beav99_4life

    FS: Scruggs SP

    I've had this cue for a few years and I'm tired of it not being used and sitting in the case. It plays great, but I just can't quit using my Bluegrass SP. This is an older Scruggs SP. Its been played with alot but is in great condition. No dings that I could feel. It has the white butt cap, wood...
  4. beav99_4life

    Chad "Big Nasty" Pollman's Guestbook

    Anyone who might want to sign his guestbook and leave a kind word or perhaps a fond memory, i'm sure the family would appreciate it. I know when my father passed, I found alot of solace in knowing how many people's lives he touched. His obituary isn't up yet, just his pic and a sentence or two...
  5. beav99_4life

    RIP Chad "Big Nasty" Pollman

    Shane just posted that Nasty passed away from a heart attack this morning. The world is a lesser place today and one of the most entertaining people i've ever known is gone. I spent a lot of time with Chad and when my father was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, Chad sent care packages of TAR...
  6. beav99_4life

    FS Gulyassy Anvil J/B at DCC

    I'm putting this up for a buddy who is at the DCC but doesn't have internet access. He's got a Gulyassy Anvil Jump/Break cue for sale, he's asking for $350 but will take offers. His name is Rob and his cell number is 614-296-7526. Contact him if you're interested.
  7. beav99_4life

    TAR podcast reviews/suggestions

    I figured I'd start this thread for Justin and Mark. What did everyone think of the podcast tonight? I personally thought it was very insightful and could be a great tool in helping find a consensus on several key topics in the pool world from fans. My one suggestion would be to get some set...
  8. beav99_4life

    Foreign Players-Why are they here?

    Its always being discussed how sad the state of pool is here in the United States. If this is so, why are so many foreign players moving here or at the very least spending a large amount of time here? I'm thrilled to have players such as Mika, Darren and others living here, just not sure what...
  9. beav99_4life

    Dee Adkins UPL Tour at Michaels in Fairfield, OH on 6/5/10

    Dee Adkin's UPL Tour will have a stop this Saturday, June 5th at Michaels in Fairfield, Ohio (just north of Cincy). This is a handicapped tournament with $500 added. For any questions you can check out the website at or send me a PM on here.
  10. beav99_4life

    15 brand new Meucci shafts FS

    I'm putting this up for Dee Adkins to kind of get a feeler. He has 15 older style Meucci shafts that have never been hit with. He wanted to see what he could get for all of them. I'll try and get pics of them sometime this week, but like I said, he told me they have never been hit with. Anyone...
  11. beav99_4life

    Joss National 8 Ball Tour in Ohio

    Ok everyone, Dee Adkins is doing a great thing here in Ohio and has set up the Joss National 8 Ball Tour. This tour will have 31 stops starting this weekend (May 1-2) and goes through October, which will conclude with a $4000 added tour championship. I'll have to check with him but I believe...
  12. beav99_4life

    Joss National 8 Ball Tour

    Ok everyone, Dee Adkins is doing a great thing here in Ohio and has set up the Joss National 8 Ball Tour. This tour will have 31 stops starting this weekend (May 1-2) and goes through October, which will conclude with a $4000 added tour championship. I'll have to check with him but I believe...
  13. beav99_4life

    Michell Monk- I'm sorry

    This is a public apology to Michell Monk for me forgetting to list her in my DCC thread a while back. Apparently she has been holding some resentment towards me for leaving her out, so this is to make sure everyone knows that DCC could not have been the same without the participation of Ms. Monk...
  14. beav99_4life

    WTB Kamui Black Tips- Where is the best place?

    Well, I was able to try out the Kamui black tips a few weeks ago at Derby City and absolutely loved them. Was just wondering where the best place is to order them? I'm not looking to buy bulk, just 4-6 tips. Thank you for any and all feedback.
  15. beav99_4life

    My DCC Trip

    Well, it was definitely another interesting year at the Derby City for me. Upon arriving Friday afternoon I headed to the action room to see Justin and the guys. I liked the overall set up of the action room and was hopeful for a great week of action matches. The first weekend was not...
  16. beav99_4life

    Ok, DCC, Who is coming?

    Someone puts up one of these threads every year, so why not me in 2010? I'll be there for the whole time, with about 99% of it being spent in the TAR booth. Feel free to stop by and say, and heck, even buy me a drink if you're up for it! I'm always up for meeting AZers I haven't met before, so...
  17. beav99_4life

    Jeanette Lee's "American Chopper" episode on tonight

    Come's on at 9PM Eastern on TLC. Just thought i'd post for anyone interested. Enjoy!
  18. beav99_4life

    Anyone have a Ustream chat room we could use for WPC 10 Ball?

    Just like the thread says, anyone have a ustream chat room we could use while watching the World 10 ball championships?
  19. beav99_4life

    Pool halls in Milwaukee

    I have a buddy heading to Milwaukee for a week or so for work and he was wondering what the best pool halls and tournaments are to hit there. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  20. beav99_4life

    Thursday Evening Session-US Open?

    Anyone know if they announced the evening matches before they went off air? Thanks for any info.