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    Mods help please

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    .563" Yellow Micarta solid rod

    still have some left.i think the thread got pulled due to a stalker in the thread. paypal is LBM should be in at the end of the month.
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    Yellow Micarta Rod .563 and Old School LBM

    in stock and ready to deliver.$115 for 3 feet of Micarta and $65 for 3 feet of LBM,prices include shipping.please post what you want here and paypal me at PM only if necessary as i think i only have about 25 slots left in my box. i will try to make a large shipment on Friday...
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    Yellow Micarta Rod .563

    new batch coming in early April.i will post a thread when it arrives.
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    i built this cue for is a one piece butt of ropey Bubinga.the joint collar is reindeer horn and the pin is brass 3/8-10 and the shaft is a monster made from boards that were air dried 30+ years.the rpi is between 30-40 and there are a few tiny birdseyes at the bottom.there is a small...
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    FS:Richard Chudy-rc3-leather

    sold thanks
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    SK Custom Cues

    need your shipping address anyone have it here?
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    Good LBM in Stock .563" Solid Rod

    i just received the shipment of the good,hard LBM is $20 per foot shipped.paypal is
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    New and last batch getting close

    these are sealed up with 3 layers of #207,they are a little lumpy currently.they have been sitting for 2 weeks so it should be good and hard by now.i'll be sanding and painting these over the next few weeks.
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    New Yellow Micart in stock

    i have the new yellow micarta in stock again. i have .563" rod and the .563"x.250" tube both in stock.the LBM rod will be in next week. prices are: $100 per 3 feet of the tube or $50 per foot $115 per 3 feet of the rod or $55 per foot all pricing includes shipping.thanks.
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    getting a JOB

    i wanted to post this here and i hope most of my waiting list sees it. due to the economic crisis i am going to have to take a full time job which will severely limit my already limited cue-building.i have a very long waiting list and i apologize to all that have been waiting patiently.i will...
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    New Yellow Micarta in stock

    i have the new Yellow Micarta in stock again in rod and tube.the rod is .563 and the tube is .563x.250. the tube is $100 per 3 feet or $50 per foot the rod is $115 for 3 feet or $55 per foot. all prices include shipping. paypal is
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    Full Splice from DBK

    i asked Dimitri if i could buy one of his full splice blanks to finish out.he sent me this is beautiful and the splices are all perfect with no glue lines to be seen anywhere.i should have it done in a couple of months and i will post pics here.
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    Bocote good or bad?

    i know most people here love Bocote,but i am becoming less of a fan.i never really cared much for the color/look but i agree it does have a nice hit.anyway i have had two problems with Bocote and am thinking about not using it any more.first was a jump break and the threads just turned to much...
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    One Piece Butt Update

    i posted about a Bubinga cue i was making a while back that was just one solid piece of wood.i wanted to see what it would be like,if it was any better,worse,or whatever. anyway i have been playing with it for a wile now and one thing i have noticed that should have been fairly obvious,but i...
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    10 A+ shafts for sale

    not sure about the rules of engagement here in the cue-maker section,but i am wood rich and cash poor.i need to sell about 10 of my best shafts.i am going to sell them in 2 separate packs of 5 each and they will be 15-25 rpi and dead straight,consistent grain.i am selling one pack of 5 that is...
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    Bumperless Davis conversion/BR Hoppe style

    this is my first Davis conversion cue.Hoppe style with black linen wrap and super clean moose joint collars with ivory Hoppe ring and no bumper.thanks to Dave Sutton for the hook up on the chrome bolts. came in a hair over 18oz with the brass pin and the weight bolt.
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    don't know how many of you guys use an 18" handle core on wrapless cues like me,but i have been looking for a place that sells high quality dowels in whatever size i need.this place is dowels on demand and they have very nice stuff,saves me from having to waste lots of wood turning down large...
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    28.75" Bubinga cue

    i am making a full length cue out of one piece of Bubinga.i will use a brass pin and a 4oz shaft,but i was wondering what some guesses on weight would be.i was hoping for 18+oz without adding anything other than the joint pin,but honestly i haven't worked too much with Bubinga,only a few cues...
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    help with 13x40 JET

    i am having a little trouble with the tail stock on my JET13x40 BD.when i push the handle up to lock the tail stock into place for drilling the chuck/drill bit actually moves down a few thousandths,maybe .005" even. does anyone have any experience with this.maybe why it's doing it(hopefully...