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    These pockets may be too tight for 9b

    A variation of 9 ball on a Chinese 8 ball table.
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    Snooker balls/size

    I am not sure if it an optical illusion or not, but after watching several frames of snooker on youtube, it appears that the colored balls are a fraction larger than the reds. Or to put it another way: the reds appear a tiny bit smaller than the colored balls :rolleyes:. Is this true, or am I...
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    Another Mosconi Cup thread

    My apologies, for I have nothing profound to say, no inspired insight to share, or anything practical or useful. I do want to say, though, that the Mosconi Cup was the best $7.99 I've spent on anything pool related to date. Awesome format, team play and crowd presence for tension, tight...
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    Dufferin house cue conversion

    I live in Kansas City and have an old house cue that I would like made into a 2 piece. Is there anyone in the area that is interested? Please let me know.
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    House cue/Schmelke

    I recently read a thread wherein someone suggested that using a house cue for a couple of days could help get a guy through a slump. I tried it. It worked. And I fell in love with the house cue. In fact, I bought the house cue and made a PVC tube case for it so I could use it as my main player...
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    Cousins cue

    Are there any more out there? I used to see them listed quite often in the for sale section. Anyone have one they want to part with?
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    Mcdermott i2 shaft

    [/IMG] My i2 shaft broke when someone (me:o) stepped on it. I was surprised to find the front 16 inches behind the ferrule tenon filled with a dense black rubber. I'm not sure why it surprised me, yet, surprised I was. The carbon fiber core did run from the ferrule to the top of the pin insert...
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    Joss sneaky

    ebay bound
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    Nova cue

    BEM with 6 Cocobolo points and butt. There is a small blemish in the finish above the wrap (see photo). There is a very slight taper roll in the shaft. Out of 100, the shaft is 98-99. The movement is so slight that I only mention it for honesty's sake. Butt: 15.9 Shaft: 4.1 Shaft is 29.5...