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    Earl Kellum

    When I started back playing, the first thing I did was call his number, only to have his wife tell me he had died of a heart attack. I had been out of touch with pool and all pool players for many years. We traveled to many states and many spots, and made some good scores together, and all the...
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    New room in Decatur,Al

    There is a very nice new poolroom in Decatur, Al called Six Pockets. It has all new diamonds, around 16 barboxes and I think 6, 9 footers. They serve any kind of drinks, have good food and is non-smoking, with a nice deck outside for the smokers. They have a 9 ball tournament every Friday...
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    Who is the best player in Alabama?

    Who is the best player in Al playing one hole, banks, 9 and 10 ball on a big table? Who's the best barbox player? I thought since many want to know who the best in certain states are, this would be ok. Lets here the opinions?
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    Need some opinions on this.

    I paid for a year of streaming from Ray at a tournament in july. I had my computer to crash a week or so ago and can't access my e-mail account, which I explained this to Ray, and I got on the stream chat and asked Ray for a password, which he wouldn't respond, so, I shot him a pm here and he...
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    Whos the best playing instructor?

    Is Gene the best playing instructor at this time? It would be nice to see video of everyone who teaches for a living playing. I know there are some who think a D player can teach, but I disagree. You can't teach what you don't know. Anyone have video of instructors playing?
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    Meucci cues

    I have some meucci cues for sale. A metallic series with red dot shaft for 500.00, its the one with the sword or cross, I think it retails for around 1,200. A rose cue with pre-dot shaft 350.00, A fish hook with pre-dot shaft, and this one has had the shaft shortened by 1 1/2" for a shorter...
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    Can you change your user id?

    I would like to change my user id to my real name, can this be done without re-registering and starting over? I have done a search with no luck on this subject.
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    Who can make me a white hard rock maple shaft?

    I have been trying to find a builder who can make me a white hard rock maple shaft without any sugar spots, v grain lines, or any standout grain lines within 10 inches from the ferrel. I think balabushka makes these shafts on some of their cues. Can anyone make me one?
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    Here's a training aid that woke me up!

    I've been back playing for over a year after about a 15yr layoff. I have even quit again for a few months in disgust. I just couldn't ever get in stroke. I have played several 500.00 sets and only played so so,and not once feeling like i was getting in stroke. I just started to think coming back...