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    Adam Monture

    Recently a friend posted a link to the story on Facebook, thought I'd share it here for those who might be interested. Adam Monture, recent winner of Canadian 8-ball Championship to go to China, then play in other professional events upon return.
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    Scotch doubles - who shoots after pushout?

    Playing Scotch doubles at 10 ball. After a push-out is handed back to the other team which one of them shoots? The guy who made the push-out or the other player on their team? Question came up last night. They asked us before making the push-out. Their stronger player was making the shot and...
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    Ontario Cue Sports ratings

    Just wondering some thoughts on player ratings list put out by Ontario Cue Sports-OBSA. Am not looking for specifics of why one player is rated this and not that but a couple of other things. The list is an attempt to give better organization across more tournaments and providing points at each...
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    Corner Bank 10 ball series

    Just linking the article here since there's never enough posts in the Canadian Pool forum. I'm hoping to go to watch at least one of these.
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    St. Catharines ladies finish second in Vegas

    A group of ladies that play on various teams in our league in St. Catharines returned from Vegas as runners-up in the APA 8-ball tournament last week: They actually play together in a league out of...
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    Rule clarification

    On making the 14th ball of a rack the player scratches. The 15th ball lies on the head string. I believe the ball is playable there but the question was posed where would the ball be spotted if the 15th ball was behind the line after the scratch. Does it get spotted on the foot spot and thus...
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    New shooter - son

    Took my son out to play a bit of 8 and 9 ball for the first time on Friday. He made a few, missed a few, let him push out from the rail so he could practice shooting without having to shoot off the rail right away. I told him to work on technique lining the balls up and not hammer everything...