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    _____FS: 2001 Paul Mottey custom cue_____

    Really nice offering.
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    Bill Stroud pool stories................

    Best post in a 10 yr running Jerry Springer episode. Takes a pretty big person to admit their flaws in the face of prevailing public opinion
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    Help me appreciate

    Can someone help me to appreciate why "conversion cues" are getting such a crazy amount of money. I understand that some of it has to do w/ the maker who did it but seriously. My impression is that they are putting a pin in a house cue, making a shaft, maybe a wrap and finish.......Does that...
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    Cue Id help please

    I got a buddy that just got a 25 y/o cue back 10 yrs after a divorce and want's to id what this is and if it is worth anything. Anyone in the know would be appreciated.
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    Bob Runde contact info?

    Does anyone have contact info for Bob Runde? I have an old R-6 that I need worked on and Evan was super helpful but not able to resolve my needs so it is time to go to the source. Any help is appreciated, PM the info if you need to or just post. Thanks.
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    LTB/ LTT Schon Stitch Shaft

    I am looking for a Schon shaft w/ the stitch ring. Looking for a 13mm shaft and it must be straight and no dings. I have a Runde R-6 with the original shafts but they are too small for my liking. I can either buy the shaft you have to offer or trade if you prefer a thinner diameter shaft...
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    Meucci Oldies 2- The prop cue

    Anyone got one of these that they are looking to part with? Pretty hard to find and I had one years ago and looking to see if there are any floating around and what the going price would be. Thanks for any and all responses.
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    Scottsdale Arizona

    Going to be in Scottsdale for a couple of days. Any suggestions of clean decent places to play? Not looking for action just a place to go and relax in between the grind. Any AZ'ers local that want to bang around some pm me. Thanks, Eddie
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    Shafts for Sale

    I have 2 shafts for sale, both of which came off of a Schon so they are 5/16 X 14 #1- Predator (pre-cat) 12.04mm 3.9 oz. flat faced not piloted Triangle tip standard ferule #2- Schon (older stitch ring design) 12.08 mm 3.9 oz piloted joint new Moori medium tip standard ferule Both have...
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    Rooms in Nova Scotia?

    I am going to be heading to Nova Scotia any suggestions of rooms up around Cape Bretton way? I'll be spending most of my time in Sydney and Antiogonish. Thanks for the help.
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    WTB/WTT Schon Shaft

    I am looking to see if anyone has Schon shaft that has the older stitch design on the collar. I am looking for 13mm shaft, ivory ferrule is a plus. I have 2 12.5 mm shafts if someone wants to trade for one. I just prefer a 13mm and am trying to get one. PM me w/ any interest. Thanks, Eddie