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    titleist conversion Danny Spates

    I found an AZer that had a titleist bar cue. No idea it would turn out this nice, so I decided to post pics. Hope you like it as much as me. [/IMG] [/IMG]
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    clearing PM box

    My PM box says full. How can i clear them all. Mitchell
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    Its George case

    I have an Its George case and the shoulder strap pulled out at the top of the case. it looks like maybe two rivets were attached to the case. Any idea who I can talk to about getting the strap fixed. I can post pics later if needed. Oh and I tried to take it to a local shoe shop, no help there...
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    testing pics

    tryin to post pics
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    testing pics

    tryin to post pics
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    WTB Titlist blank

    Looking for an original brunswick titlist bar cue. I have a cuemaker that Im goin to use. Maybe someone out there would get rid of one. Thanks Mitchell