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    BK Rush Max Weight ?

    For sure two would fit (I only have one available.) Maybe could add 5oz total.
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    What is the experience like purchasing a case from John Barton/JB cases?

    Being well aware of the lead times, my purchase wasn't a custom. Rather, I snagged a 4x8 that caught my fancy during a live stream auction. If you need one in a hurry (like I did at the time) and don't need to customize it, that's your best bet. Also, watch him drink the occasional questionable...
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    What is the best cue you ever played pool with?

    Players G3399 / PureX skinny shaft / Kamui Black Soft / ~20.5oz
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    Would you call a foul on yourself?

    Never played in a tournament setting, but playing games with friends (or league) at a bar I call'em on myself. Heck one time while playing my getting-there-drunk friend, he didn't believe that I fouled even though I clearly didn't catch a rail after OB contact. :D
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    Gabby from Houston.......

    I would see him once in awhile at Big Tyme over the years, which is really the extent to which I knew him. That and tournament posts on FB. Never played with the man but he seemed like a nice guy.
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    Gabby from Houston.......

    Didn't know the man personally but condolences to his family.
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    Predator's P3's vs Schon

    Do you have a wood shaft or a Revo? I would echo your sentiment about it feeling slim, but that's only because I play a 11.8 Revo which I feel makes it a psychological thing. Eventually I'll put a radial shaft on mine to try out.
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    Happy New Year!!!

    Happy new year.
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    Predator's P3's vs Schon

    My p3 is curly maple. Never shot with a Schön so I can only defer to the opinions of the people that have.
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    Pool Movies--let's get some ratings

    Good soundtrack.
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    It’s my bday 12/29

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    RIP cue legend Bill Schick

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    Flat pool racks

    I like Turtle racks myself. Cost efficient too: pack of 10 (5 of 9b+10b, 5 of 8b) is $45 + s/h. If you don't need an 8b template, 10 9b+10b templates is $40 + s/h. I would have tried magic racks but I didn't like the price compared to what I would get for buying from Mezz. When I bought them...
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    Gold Crown 3 is done.

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    How many Cues do you own today

    5, 1 break, and a jump.
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    inherited J. Pechauer JP3-N

    Depends on how fast you want it out of your hair. I'd add $140 to asking price but expect the possibility of someone asking for the cue only or trying to negotiate on the price.
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    Dumbest thing you’ve done in a match?

    This was APA so I'm not sure if they have a rule like that specifically. I would've conceded in a heartbeat had it been brought up that night.
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    Dumbest thing you’ve done in a match?

    Broke down my cue after missing a random shot during a hill hill league 8 ball game because I was so disappointed in myself. Opponent makes 2 balls then misses, I begrudgingly put my cue back together to win the match. Shook hands and stopped playing league the following year (for a separate...
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    inherited J. Pechauer JP3-N

    Closure 👌