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    How long does a customer have to pay?

    How long do you wait before you sell a cue a customer ordered , but hasn't paid for it? I have had this issue come up with my last 2 customs and I have had offers from people to purchase them. Its been about a month since the cues were completed. I did complete the cues by the deadline I gave...
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    Buying a second lathe

    I have been using a mid-size from chris, and I love it, but I have some extra cash now and want to buy a second lathe and use my mid-size for finishing. I am thinking about a deluxe, but for almost the same price, I could get something like this...
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    Refinishing a cue that has painted on points

    A friend wants me to refinish an old cue that he has, but it appears to have painted on points.It also has a snake skin wrap that was sealed in the finish. It has a lot of dings and chipped finish. What's the best way to get the old finish off without the painted points being removed? Thanks
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    First butterfly attempt. Progress pics

    By first attempt, I mean first successful attempt. Took me about 5 tries to get it to where I was happy with it. Trial and error is so much fun.
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    Opportunity or Failure? Advice needed.

    I live in a pretty small town, but billiards is HUGE here. Little by little word has gotten around that I make pool cues and I have been approached by 2 of the busiest bars for pool and in general really, and have been asked if I could put display cases in their bars and sell my cues out of...
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    Finished my 2nd cue

    This is only my second fully complete cue. It is BEM with a purpleheart cored and sectioned Amboyna handle with a BEM section in the middle of the handle. The shaft is old growth maple. Notice the 2 "eyes" in the shaft. Not sure how I feel about the eyes on the shaft. Thanks for looking
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    Router wont turn on/stuck

    Made a run on the lathe, turned it off, reset it and it turned on but made a grinding noise like it was hitting something. Took it apart and when I wiggle it a little it comes loose and spins for a second then locks up again. Now it won't turn on at all. I'm guessing the button that that you...
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    Finally finished my first cue

    After 3 months, a lot of cuts and bruises,and more curse words than andrew dice clay, I have finally finished my first cue (butt). Nothing special, but I am proud of it. Old Growth Brazilian Rosewood (I know, genius wood for first cue) with wrapless Curly Maple plain jane. My shafts aren't ready...
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    Seal after each turn?

    I am about to start turning some squares to round and let them sit, but my question is do you seal it after you turn it round? I have cue sealer from Cue Components and not sure if I should seal it after each turn on it. Thanks