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    Getting wild 7 on 7' diamond vs 9' diamond

    600 fargo getting wild 7 from a 700 fargo. For the cash, am I, the 600, better off on the 7' or 9' diamond pro cut. I can see advantages to both, better chance of break and run on 7', but more opportunities at the table on a 9'. I know there are a lot of factors. Just looking for general...
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    Trade Mezz united joint hp2 for hybrid alpha

    I have a barely used mezz united joint 12.5 mm hp2 shaft that I would trade for a comparable united joint 12.8 mm alpha hybrid shaft.
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    Mezz pro R break shaft united joint- like new

    Sold - Mezz Pro R break shaft united joint, sonic tip, approx 4.25 oz., used a few times, like new, Sold, I'll cover shipping and fees. Have more control with my Samsara tipped DI2, Consider trade for good condition united joint hp2, or add cash for united joint ex pro .
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    WTB OB pro original 3/8x10 11.75mm, not plus

    Looking for 3/8 10 OB pro original, 11.75mm, not the plus. Would like it 3.8 oz or heavier, which is not uncommon. I have 2 that are 4.0 oz, and would like to pick up another.
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    Cue Case Clamp

    I like sticking my cues down in my case during matches. This is the best way I have found to keep my case from getting knocked over. I have been using it for 3 months and have always found something to secure my case to. Other clamps would only work on flat tables at certain heights. This...
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    Tiger 12.25mm 3/8x10 carom x pro for pool 29" like new

    Sold. sold
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    shaft - SS360/2 3/8x10 11.75mm $140 shipped

    Sold ! Sold! shipped CONUS. 2 month old, almost new condition Bob Danielson SS360/2, 3/8x10 black collar, 29", 11.75mm, 3.55 ounces., It has a darker colored spot, sugar mark?, towards the collar end. I can text or email pics if interested. May trade for excellent condition OB classic...
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    WTT 3/8x10 Z2 for OB pro original/Tiger Pro X 3/8x10

    Gone - Found a trade, I have the following 29" shafts that I would consider trading for excellent condition 29" OB Pro original 3/8x10, 11,75mm or Tiger Pro X 3/8x10, 11.75mm. PM me if you have something. I can email/text some pics of the one you are interested in. Predator Z2, 11.75mm...
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    TNT Purpleheart Dedicated Breaker $130 shipped USA

    TNT Purpleheart dedicated breaker 18.8 oz, used with dings in butt, taper roll in middle of purpleheart shaft when rolled, but tip stays on table and doesn't effect play. Very Solid Hitter with original Samsara Tip. $130 firm shipped in USA. Payed too much for a dymondwood j/b and need to...
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    Bob Frey 60" sneaky

    Bob Frey 30" Butt and Tiger Ultra LD 30" shaft, 5/16 14 silver ring, $Sold$ shipped CONUS. Sold! The 30" Frey butt is 15.5 oz with no weight bolt. One can be added. The 30" Tiger shaft is about 3.7 oz, 12.5mm and increases steadily like a conical type Z shaft. New Kamui clear brown...
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    WTT Schon linen for Schon wrapless

    Would like to trade one of my Schon linen butts for a Schon wrapless butt. I think the Ebony butt is about 14.9 oz, and the other 15.2. Will weigh on lab scales at work if interested. I used the ebony for about 6 months as my player, but it is in great shape. The other one has been used very...
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    mexx wx900 united joint new condition

    SOLD mezz wx900 united joint new condition SOLD new mezz wx900, united joint, 12mm, from Seybert's - received July 1st. used for a few hours. I get too much unwanted english with the 12mm shaft. Would trade for a new condition, un-altered wd700, or wx700, must be 12.5mm, united joint, or...