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    Capone Custom Plain Jane

    Beautiful museum quality cocobolo with wire ring work. Black leather wrap. No bolt 18.8oz. with 2 shafts that came with cue. 18.6. oz with OB shaft. The butt alone weighs 15.3 oz. Came with two shafts, one of which has an ivory ferrule. Later an original OB shaft was added & customized by Mike...
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    Sugartree 4 Sale

    Cocobolo and highly figured Bocote Plaine Jane with unique ring work. There is nothing plain about this cue. The balance is near perfect and the weight is a precise 19 oz. The cue comes with two shafts, with matching ring work. The price is $1450. There are no points on this cue. The quality...
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    For Sale - Schon Elite

    This cue comes with 3 shafts: 1 - Ivory Ferrule (Custom Matched for trueness) 13mm 1 - Regular Shaft 13mm 1 - OB1 Shaft 12.75mm All shafts are straight. No defects. All shafts have Moori medium tips. The weight is 19.3 oz. The cue has a genuine lizard wrap. The forearm is stained bird's...
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    Schon Elite for sale

    I have a nice Schon Elite for sale. It's a stained bird's eye maple with ebony points and ebony butt end, with real ivory ring work and ivory windows on butt end. There is also a bunch of mother-of-pearl diamonds throughout. It has a real (black) lizard wrap that was added later because I...
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    DP Cues Honors Return Policy

    Dale Perry resolved the matter between us to full satisfaction. He sent a refund check for the unwanted cue and his reputation is intact as far as I'm concerned.
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    DP Cues Honors Return Policy

    Has anyone out there had a bad buying experience with Dale Perry? I'd like to know. Thanks!