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  1. J

    classic book on pool - forgot name

    What's the name of that book from the 40's/50's that details the pool hustler/bum life from a sociological perspective?
  2. J

    New York pool player hits it big

    Nick Schulman, an open level player who used to hang with all the big boys at Amsterdam, won a World Poker Tour event at Foxwoods, cashin in over $2.1 million! IPT or not, that beats any pool payday. Haven't seen Nick playing Tri-State for a while, is he in college or just laying low?
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    Scottsdale AZ pool halls

    Staying right in the Westin-Kierland area of Scottsdale with relatives. Any nice pool halls with 9 footers nearby? I know CLicks is in Phoenix but that's 30 mins away. Any help is appreciated. thanks
  4. J

    Ex-NewYorker in the 'Burbs - Help!

    After 10 yrs in NYC, playing in leagues at Amsterdam Billiards and Corner Billiards, my wife and I moved to Greenwich CT. The pro: I bought a 9 footer for my house; The cons: No one to play with! I was so spoiled in the city to be walking distance from Broadway and Corner Billiards and 10...
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    BloombergNews article on snooker's "woes"

    Snooker Tour, Once a U.K. TV Favorite, Is in Danger of Demise 2005-05-02 19:15 (New York) By Ryan Mills May 3 (Bloomberg) -- Professional snooker, the billiards- like game that was created by bored British soldiers and once drew record U.K. television audiences, is heading for a financial...
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    Wolrd Summit of Pool - NYC

    Walked through Grand Central this a.m. on way to work; They're setting up the tables right now; Looks like it will be a very cool/unique venue for the tourney; Bought tix for Friday night, can't wait...
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    Good "furniture" table

    I've been granted permission to put a new 9-footer in the living room of our house (room is 14x19, sweet). Although I would rather get a player's table (GCIV, Diamond Pro), the concession was that I would buy a nice "furniture" looking table. What would AZB'ers out there recommend for a...
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    Adding weight to a Schon

    I recently won a Schon cue (STL-1) in my league tourney. It's 18 oz. and I want to an ounce of weight to it. Do you recommend sending it back to Schon itself or can a local cue repairman fix it? What is the going rate for something like that? I'm in NYC. Thanks, JD