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    Hercek Player (Removed)

    Joel is an amazing friendly guy known for his customer service. Buyers can call him or Facebook him with pictures of this cue to ask, or obtain and LOA from him.
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    Ed Young Cues

    Thankfully I didn't see any flaws with the points on this cue. The points are aligned close to the same height. I have looked at a few John Davis blanks at a friend's shop owned by Joe Gold where I recall seeing one blank where the points at the bottom " I believe you call it the return...
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    Ed Young Cues

    Recently purchased another Ed Young cue as they are really good playing cues. Now this one is a John Davis cocobola/tulip fullsplice, which seems to be the only one he's ever made. Ed Young cues are lineage of the Dave Kersenbrock cues. Those of you who are familiar with Ed Young cues, let me...
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    Sold Jim Pierce with Rounceville blank!

    Very interested.
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    Sold ***$$Olney and Billy Webb Cues for Sale$$***

    PM sent for the Olney
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    Just so happen I contacted him couple weeks ago after finding out he's out in Chicago. He had mention that he is planning to start building cues again in a couple of weeks from when we has spoke. I'm not sure to what capacity for new or existing orders.
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    ~~~~~Asst'd Predator Shafts~~~~~

    DM. Sent
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    Sold Cuetech Breach Break Cue

    PM Sent.