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    digging out of a hole

    OK, for whatever reason, lousy play and/or rolls, you are on the edge of getting routed in a set. Let's say it's 3-0, 4-0, 5-1 in a race to 7, 9 ball. What's your approach for getting back in it? Lately, I've done this to myself a fair number of times, but have managed to scratch back the...
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    Sunday tourneys NY/NJ?

    Anybody up on who's got tourneys on Sunday afternoon in the NY/NJ area? Looking for one tomorrow 1/18.
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    Staunton, Va.?

    Don't suppose it's a pool hotbed, but does anyone know of any good rooms or tourneys going on around there April 20-23? I'm going down for a few days, mainly camping in Shenandoah, but might hit some if I had an opportunity.
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    neck problems?

    Anybody else out there have to deal with neck problems that might either be related to playing pool or maybe worsened by spending hours at the table? Maybe you adjusted your stance to cope with it? Or took time off? I'm curious whether anybody here has gotten any medical advice on it. My doc...
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    Kid Delicious book

    Has anybody read or have knowledge about new book on Basavich called "Running the Table ... The Legend of Kid Delicious, the Last Great American Pool Hustler"? An advance copy of this book by L. Jon Wertheim has just landed on my desk, haven't had a chance to crack it open yet. Published by...
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    NYC Monday night tourneys?

    Who's up on the latest? Last I heard it was either Racks or Masters. Been awhile since I've had the chance to donate on a week night, but tonight I'm on the loose.
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    Pool rooms in St. Louis nabes?

    I think there have been a couple of threads on this lately, but ... don't think anybody asked specifically if there were decent pool rooms in any of the city's walkable nabes. Probably be in town for a few days next month. Not sure where I'm staying yet, so how close can I get to a decent room...
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    Practice or training?

    Do you think of these as two words for essentially the same thing? Or do they mean different things to you? The word has come up in a couple of ph conversations lately, and it has gotten me to thinking ... maybe I oughta be training instead of just practicing, or more often, "working on a...
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    Pool in Guadeloupe?

    Kind of an obscure question, but where else could you ask?:D I'm going down there for a couple of weeks in February and wonder if anybody here knows whether there are any decent places to play. Some hotels I've looked at on Web boast of having a pool table, but that's about all I know.
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    New ABC

    So, has the new Amsterdam Billiards opened downtown as scheduled? How does it look? And was there a good sendoff for the old one?
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    Brownstone Billiards, Brooklyn

    Anybody here frequent this place? I live not far away and checked it out for the first time today. Not many places like this have survived, as far as I can tell. If you don't see Elvis there, you may get to match up with Bad, Bad Leroy Brown. :D
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    smoke situation?

    I'm hoping to make it down for a few days this year for the first time. From what I've read in the past, though, you could hardly see 2 feet in the action rooms from all the smoke. But the tourney rooms are non-smoking? So what's the story? In general, about how much can you avoid it and how...
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    practicing safeties

    Couple of questions for everybody, at all levels: About how much of your practice time do you spend on safeties, kicking and defense in general? And what sort of routines do you follow? For me the answer, based on recent playing results, is like the old line from a martial arts movie, just...
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    Pool room in progress

    Here's a few pix of the pool room that I've been slaving over since September. These shots are a couple of months behind, but it took me that long just to figure out how to post em! Room's actually sealed now, but still needs wall coverings. And an industrial cleanup crew. And a bar, for sure...
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    Amsterdam Billiards history?

    Word is out that their lease is up, the landlord is asking for the usual astronomical sum and that they'll probably shut down. Anybody know the rest of the deal? If it's true, it's a typical NYC story. This is what always kills off your favorite neighborhood _____ (bar, restaurant, bookstore)...
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    Cold weather "experiment"

    Don't try this at home, but because my pool room project was lagging I ended up having to leave my GCI in some serious cold for the past couple of months. It was in a partially finished garage with off-and-on heat. Temps got down to -5 a couple of times and many times in the single digits...
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    Trump following IPT script?

    Does this approach sound a little familiar? Can't hurt the IPT, I wouldn't think, even though it's something of a competitor. Might generate more interest in such competitions. In Donald Trump's latest made-for-TV nail-biter, the real estate mogul who made The Apprentice” into a hit, will...
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    NYC weekly tourneys

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    Is it a run-and-gun game?

    Questions already answered in another thread, 35% runs ...
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    Media coverage?

    Who has reported the event, so far? I just checked the Orlando Sentinel Web site and, unfortunately, no mention of it.