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    Didn't Efren foul here?

    ...see from 58:40 sec mark:
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    Ronnie's century without single black

    One of his stand out century late last year. I don't remember someone scoring one without black.
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    Breaking Cue Ball on break

    My buddy break the cue ball (literally) during break :). Is it considered a foul?
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    Kelly Fisher Live now

    In india open finals:. (Showing some trick shots before finals.
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    Kelly Fisher in India

    You can catch her matches (up to semi) here: She will be playing in finals tomorrow. It will be streamed live on above youtube channel.
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    Interesting situation

    Came up during in recent tournament. A player shot a ball and assumed it is going to sink (instead ball was hanging in the pocket) and started aiming for the next ball. In such case should referee interfere and tell player not to shoot next ball?
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    Story - Unknown Hustler

    Unknown Hustler Just returning back from Asia pool challenge event in Saigon, Vietnam It is an amature pool team event where you would see top amature in action from the asia region. Stuart Petttman ex snooker pro was at the event as team manager for Bangkok team. He is still very active with...
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    Asian pool championship Live streaming Recording from previous days:
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    Asia Pool Challenge 2016 - Saigon

    Looking forward to yet another addition of APC. It is an amateur 8 ball team event where highly skilled expats from 8 asian city participates. Various pubs across these city will be live streaming this charged up event. If you are an expat living in Saigon...
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    Who will win world 9 ball 2016?

    My money is on Cheng. What is your pick?
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    How would you play this?

    Solid's turn in a hill-hill 8 ball game for $100. You are playing against A player. PS: No pocket is available for 5.
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    Wondering max no of balls pocketed in 10 ball break?

    One of my pal made 7 including white :), something I have never seen in past. I know of 6 balls made by Alex P in 9 ball game.
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    Biggest money game

    Just curious the biggest money game that you ever played with your own money? I am no gambler, just play cheap set $10-20 to simulate pressure situation :)
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    Ko vs Yapp -$10,000 challenge Match

    Just saw it on facebook. Anyone has details?
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    Mosconi Cup - Skyler

    Must say i am really impressed with Skyler. He has handled mosconi cup pressure better than anyone in Team USA. With the score being 3-3 i get the feeling USA might be able to pull this through this year. To keep the suspense i am following it on youtube recording and avoiding any mosconi cup...
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    Un-Nooh! misses out on final black in 147 bid and £44k Poor guy!
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    The man with Rolls-Royce cue action
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    9 ball break - How you do it?

    These days I am practicing 9-ball break (1 ball on head spot) and usually I keep cue ball 2-inch away from side cushion on foot string and aim 1 ball full with below centre hit. It gives me mixed results. Generally I am able to control white but cannot consistently make wing ball or 1 ball in...
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    Common safety shots drills/patterns?

    Any common shots/drills/patterns that can help improve safety aspect for rotation games? Thanks! I have already gone through the drills mentioned by Dr Dave on YouTube.
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    This is an AMATEUR pool team event with a decent standard. It will be streamed live 6-7 Nov. "Seven cities are now confirmed for the APC JAKARTA 2015 Team Event including Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Manila, Jakarta, Phnom Penh, Shanghai and Singapore. There will be over 100 players and...