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    Billiards being used outside the pool hall (Scientific Math paper)

    My daughter (who's a whole lot smarter than I am) sent me this article. Interesting to see billiards being used by mathematicians.
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    PPV Streams

    Why are PPV streams still the primary method of watching top pool tournaments? The recent free streamed match of Tony Chohan and Dennis Orcullo had 2K+ viewers while I was watching. I don't recall many paid streams I've purchased having over 150. Most less than 100. Why are the content...
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    Tip shape

    What are your thoughts on tip shape? My tip naturally seems to take a nickel shape. I can give the tip more angle of a dime but doesn't take long and the tip is back to nickel. Do you tend to play the shape of the tip that your play creates or do you grind down the tip frequently? Am...
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    9ft table in 14ft wide room

    Would like to get others thoughts on putting a 9ft table in a 14ft room. The room is really 14'5" but theres a rock fireplace that sticks out 4.5". I currently have an 8' table centered in the space minus the fireplace but would really like to upgrade to a 9' table. Length of the room isn't a...
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    Creating a 9 ball tourney based on Apa 9ball ratings

    What would be fair handicaps based on APA 9 ball rating for a race to 7 tourney? Looking at it in terms of differences in ratings. Ex. (Not sure these would be good just putting as an example) 1pt (9 vs 8, 5 vs 4) - call 8 2pt (9 vs 7, 8vs6, 6vs 4, etc) - last two 3pt (9 vs 6) - call 8, last 2...
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    Is this a Brunswick Sportsman?

    Is this table a Brunswick Sportsman? Think the table is from the 50s.
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    What's the best break ball here?

    I had the following come up at the end of a rack. The shot prior to this broke up a 5/9 cluster that was located close to where the cue is. Which ball would you use as a break ball/key ball?
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Osama bin Laden Facebook
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    Texas Open streaming

    If anyone looking for pool to watch they announced the next couple matches. At 9 PM, Chris Bartrum vs James Davis Sr. Bartrum is warming up now. and then at 10:30, Sylvar Ochoa vs Cliff Joyner.
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    One pocket shot what do you do?

    I had this shot earlier, I was at 6 (pocket B). What shot do you shoot? I was playing against a guy who i consider a better shot then me so always thinking defense. I did get out but curious what other people would do. I haven't played much one pocket so still learning and would like to see...
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    Brandon Shuff 1 pocket instruction

    Just wanted to post that I had the opportunity to get some 1 pocket lessons with Brandon Shuff. Rare opportunity to see a pro caliber player in the pool hall i normally hang out at. Basically Brandon told me he gives good spots, i told him i'll pay for cheap lessons and we played even one...