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    Predator P2 wrapless

    Please dm me with price and a photo. Along with any details you’d like to add :)
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    Keeping a lot of cue tips..

    I have a bunch of layered tips and I've been needing a change every 5-6 mos. What is a good way to store cue tips? Is it okay to just leave them out in open air? I'm sorry if this is already in another thread. I've searched the forums but have yet to find clear answers.
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    learning position play

    What's the best way to learn how to play better position? Drills? Shooting the same shot over and over?
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    Difference between Seyberts and AZB Market

    What is the difference? It is really not obvious to me..
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    Does anyone shoot with both solid maple and LD shafts?

    The title says it all. I am just curious if anyone out there can adjust to both kinds of shafts. Or perhaps just plays with whatever feels good for the day.
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    reviews on the lucasi hybrid air hog?

    Anyone own/owned this jumper? What do you love or hate about it?
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    For Sale: 2 month old Poison VX Jump/Break cue

    $160 shipped CONUS only. The cue has a white diamond tip. I paid about 215 for it. Great break (similar hit to a BK2) jump is really sweet too. Cue is in 100% condition, no damage whatsoever. I am selling because I just bought a BK3. The cue is super clean. Mint condition. Shaft is not...
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    Moori Tips

    I'm probably late to be asking for this kind of information. What is the status of Moori Tips? Is the quality still as great as years ago? Is Mr. Moori retired? Finally, are the tips still being produced? Thanks in advance, fellow Azers.
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    Predator Sneaky Pete on eBay

    314-2 and Z-2 shafts. reserve = 500 Cue is a little over one month old. 19 oz 314-2 = predator victory hard tip. Z-2 = kamui black soft. Clean cue no dings on shafts or butt
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    Predator Sneaky Pete 2 shafts on eBay

    If you're in the market for one, mine is on ebay. I have no reviews on this site so its hard for people to trust me to send them the items after payment. I figured eBay would ease some worries. Anyway, it is the newest model sneaky pete with green veneers. 6 points, irish linen wrap. Comes...
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    perhaps silly question about joint tightness

    I got into a disagreement with a buddy regarding cue tightness when screwing together. I like to screw it till it stops turning and then maybe add a little twist. He on the other hand, likes to reallyyyy twist it tight. Is one method more correct? And I would also think his method can damage the...
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    Balance of cues

    Do uncored cues, no weight bolts, tend to be more forward balanced? or how does it work? I'm guessing joint material and butt end materials play a big role.
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    WTB predator bk3 (cash or trade)

    I am willing to trade current model predator sneaky Pete with Irish linen wrap. Cue is with both 314 2 and Z 2 shafts. I got this cue as a gift in December 2012 and don't really need it. I really want a bk3 and I think this offer is more than fair since retail would be around 640 new. Pm me...
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    Scratched ferrule

    my 314 2's ferrule is badly scratched. does this affect playability?