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    Did Ortmann foul? Bustamante says Yes!

    Did Ortmann foul at 1:05 ? Match goes hill/hill btw.
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    2014 International Guangzhou 9-ball Open

    Bing Jie Chu - Winner
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    2014 International Guangzhou 9-ball Open

    Apparently Dennis Orcollo lost to Bing Jie Chu in the final of this event but I can't find any info on the tournament. Anyone have info on payouts?
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    Q School - Will Alex, Deuel, Melling Qualify?

    What do you think are the chances that any of these 3 make it through? They have to finish in the top 4 in 1 of 2 tournaments to qualify. (8 players qualify). I don't believe Deuel has any chance. Melling may have a shot as he has played a lot of snooker, but I think Pagulayan has the best...
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    Why not make side pockets smaller?

    We all seem to focus on the size of corner pockets when trying to make a table play tougher. Side pockets are traditionally 1/2 an inch wider than corner pockets but I am suggesting that all 6 pocket openings should be the same size at 4.5 inches. Not as many balls would go in the side making...
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    Big Balls!!! Did pool balls used to be Carom size?

    I was listening to an audio recording of Ralph Greenleaf's widow on ABR radio broadcast on March 13th and she suggested that he played straight pool on 5x10's (as most of us know) but also that they played with bigger balls. Anyone have any information on this?
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    Semi-Professional SBE 10 ball, only 9,000 added

    How can they call it a Professional championship when only 9,000 is being added to the event? Also, why weren't the Ultimate 10 ball people treated like gods when they were adding 10 times this amount?
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    Corey's done it again, this time with 8b.

    The solution is quite simple. Balls should alternate between solid and stripe except for one 2 ball cluster of each suit. One cluster is in the top and second row and the other in the bottom center. If top cluster is on the right then the bottom one is on the center left. This is how a rack...
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    Two Foul 9 ball Official Rules

    Putting the call out for CJ or another big proponent of 2F9B to give us all the rules. For those of us who only understand BIH. Here is my limited understanding: After the first foul the cue ball is played in position (Or behind the headstring in the event of a scratch) with the incoming player...
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    Value of Rule - Rail after contacting object ball for Rotation games

    In all pool games after contacting the object ball, a ball must be pocketed or driven to a rail. (Snooker doesn't have this rule and English 8 ball has an exception to the rule when the player is snookered) The rule is a great rule for almost every pool game. It makes safety play more difficult...
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    Deuel - illegal breaks at Super Billiards Expo 10ball - Kiamco not calling a foul!!!

    I just watched the Deuel vs Kiamco match at Super Billiards Expo 2013 -10 ball. Deuel was soft breaking and pattern racking (not that surprising). What I find really hard to believe is that Kiamco wasn't calling a foul on Deuel. To make a legal "Open break" you must pocket a ball or cause 4...
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    Ted Lerner - Calling you out! World Cup of pool

    I'm watching the World Cup of Pool live on SkySports 3. The tournament is in it's 4th day and 21st match. Ted Lerner is one of 3 commentators. Taiwan is playing Greece right now and Ted seemed to have no idea that the players are using a hard cut break where the cue ball goes into the side rail...
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    LIVE FInal Pagulayan vs Biado NOW

    The final is starting now! Live on POVPOOL on Ustream!
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    Archer and Atlanta Tanking - Bonus Ball Live!

    I am watching the Bonusball match live right now. Horrible clock management by Atlanta in the first game, they could have easily won the game before clock ran out. Archer then missed a relatively easy cut to win the shootout.
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    Ultimate 10 Ball NOT FULL!!! 75,000 ADDED

    How can there still be room in this tournament? 75,000 added should be enough money in the pool world to get the best players down there. Not to mention that they can "double dip" with the Southern Classic to follow.
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    INFO on the Template Rack PLS

    I want to know the name of the rack they are using at the 10 ball championships. Has it been used before? How do I get one? Pros/Cons? Tks