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    Pocket Size

    There has been much discussion about the small pockets at the UK Open, and we also had the problem at Derby City where there were a lot of unexpected misses blamed on pocket size. I would like to hear some more opinions, and primarily I would like to express my own. There are certain things that...
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    SVB Vs Gorst, first round in World Pool Master

    Very disappointing that Fedor's visa problem reared its ugly head again. Would have been a fan's delight to see him matching up with not only Ruiz but the other top names on the European tour. I guess we'll just have to debate who's the best, and we won't get to see who is best. It would be...
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    Gorst returns to international play

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong (which I’m sure they will). Concerning who is the better player, when Ruiz won the World 9ball, Gorst was banned. Kind of waters down the title when the main competition is banned. When Ruiz won the 8 ball with Gorst in the field, Gorst had primarily been playing...
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    DerbyCity responce

    I had a great time, as always. Hope you did too. Hopefully Diamond will find the right answer, whatever it might be
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    DerbyCity responce

    Yes sir, I was there, watching 4 and 5 hour one pocket matches.
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    DerbyCity responce

    I have seen a few comments about cutting the 9ball tournament to race to 7. The problem is not the length of nine ball matches. The problem is the length of one pocket matches. Address that and the problem is solved. I don't know all the details of what Mr. Jewett suggested, but it sounds like...
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    2023 DCC Big Foot Players List

    Someone explain why the World Championship is scheduled one day after the Derby? Did someone's brain fall out?
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    Ruslan Chinahov

    Anybody know why he isn’t at the US Open?
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    F.Boy Round Final 32 US Open/Pickem?

    Be interesting to see what their record is against each other.
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    $500 CF shaft

    Yes, I have. I’ve also noticed one or two players that can move the cueball much easier with Carbon Fiber shafts as opposed to wood. Of course, you have to have a good stroke to do it
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    The Siberian Express is About to Roll

    Regarding Thomas Engert’s 491 ball run, I referred to it as on a Diamond because I had read that somewhere, so you very well may be correct that it was not. I also read it was on 4.5 inch pockets, but would like for someone in the know to verify both the pocket size and the type of table...
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    The Siberian Express is About to Roll

    Anyone know the pocket specs when Thomas Engert ran 491 on a Diamond? If they were standard pockets, that’s probably the greatest exhibition run ever.
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    Hardest title to win?

    Thank you for the response. I noted there had been exceptions for the Chinese, and I am including the Taiwan players. Cheng’s Victory at the US Open being one, and JL Chang’s Winston the International plus the Derby 10 ball. Other than those I could not recall any, so thanks for the update. The...
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    Hardest title to win?

    I stated an opinion that the Derby City Master of theTable was the hardest title in pool to win, knowing not many would agree. I was wondering what title would be more difficult? I base my argument on the fact that each of the 3 disciplines requires that the Master of the Table is solid in all...
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    WORLD POOL CHAMPIONSHIP (6-10 June2021) Champion $50K

    Everyone has an opinion, so here’s mine Derby City Master of the table is the hardest title to win. Is it a major ? Absolutely
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    General rules question

    So if the second ball is not declared frozen, is it still a foul?
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    Best Year a Professional ever had?

    I've been watching the YouTube videos of the 80's and 90's, and it was mentioned that in 1989, Nick Varner won the US Open and World Championship, plus won 11 of the 22 events he entered. Has anyone had a year to compare with that? Thanks in advance for the replies.
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    Other Carbon Fiber shafts

    I have been bitten by the carbon fiber bug; but the high price of the big boys is making me ponder. I saw an ad for the Black Arrow shafts, and wondered if there were others not quite so high priced that I had not heard of. Also, any testimonials on any of the lesser known products would be...
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    World Pool Series

    Has the World Pool Series promoted by Darren Appleton run its course, or are there more tournaments to be played? Thanks in advance for the replies.