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    Buyer / Seller transaction report

    Just wanted to post about buying a cue from RunEmOut08 , can't say enough positive things about the guy. Really great customer service from start to finish!
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    Bob Dezuricky Cue, Black Pearl Modified Break Cue For sale Bob Dzuricky cue, all white rings are ivory with the exception of the OB shaft which has a composite ring. Cue hits great, beautiful, a real head turner. Rolls dead straight. Move and change of lifestyle are the drivers behind...
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    Leather Wrap Mezz Ec7-w6, extra mezz shaft

    This has been my playing cue for quite a while and the cue hits outstanding. I have a custom cue, and havn't been playing in a while so I have decided to sell. The shafts have some blueing, some dings on the butt, but cue is dead straight and plays outstanding. I am asking 400 for cue with...
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    Preparing to have a custom cue made......

    I am getting ready to order a custom cue from a local cuemaker and I have put a ton of time and thought into what I really want but I would really like to make some kind of mock up before I pull the trigger. I have seen 1 or 2 posts about 3d models of cues before but wondered if anyone had a...
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    ~WTB Benson Cue~

    I recently had the opportunity to hit with a Benson and I really fell in love with it. Unfortunately for me my friend who owns the cue will just not part with it (he had two bensons stolen and its his last one) Anyone out there have one they might be willing to part with? Thank you~! Peter
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    WTB; Whitten Lite 2x4 or Similar

    Looking for a nice whitten 2x4 with long and short pockets and jump cue pocket, or similar style case. Willing to pay top dollar for quality. Thank you for your time and consideration.
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    The Final Barrier

    Recently I have been really focusing on sharpening my game, practicing almost 6 days a week. I feel like my learning curve has been a roller coaster where I near the top and am playing well but then I hit a wall and I need to do (x) in order to progress to the next level of play. It's rewarding...
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    A Humbling Experience

    Last night I got a call from a friend who asked me to swing by and shoot a couple of games with him, nothing serious just hang out with a few friends and shoot a couple of games. When I got there they were playing with an older women I've never seen before, so I sat down to watch before I...
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    Shout Out to the Pacific Northwest

    I just wanted to share the positive experience I've had learning how to play pool here in the Puget Sound area of washington. I moved to a small town outside of Seattle by way of New York and made the long, long, (3500) mile drive out on my own to get a change of pace, and a change in career...