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    Junior Nationals in Las Vegas

    Congratulations to Adrian Prasad and Savannah Easton, winners of their age group at Junior Nationals in Las Vegas. Sponsored by Golden State Billiards.
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    How were Gandy table drop pockets attached?

    The less expensive Gandy tables had pockets that just slipped in and could be yanked out when you hit a ball too hard and it popped out. The original California Billiards in San Jose, CA had over 20 of them.
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    Robert defeated Fedor Gorst 5/4 early this morning to win the Big Tyme 9th annual one pocket division. Robert was leading Fedor 3/zip, when they pulled both players to catch up on the nine ball side. When they finally got back to one pocket after both players played a couple sets of nine ball...
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    Thank you Eric. Ronnie did not take to one pocket too well. I suppose if he liked it, he would have become a monster if he chose to do so. It was great spending a couple hours with him.
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    That little advice I gave him a few years back helped.
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    May "Caption This" photo

    Where are the jewels?
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    Jointed Cue Terry Stonier Memorial

    Still an oldschool pool room where we are getting one pocket going. We are hosting 8 man Round Robin one pocket tournaments a couple times a month. $100 entry, top players in each 4 man bracket play each other for $600 1st and $200 2nd. Yesterday was our fourth tournament. We have over 70...
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    Jointed Cue Round Robin One Pocket

    Eight man round robin one pocket. $100 entry, $600 1st, $200 2nd.
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    How much longer must we endure this insane format CSI is pushing

    Go to the dark side and watch some eight man Round Robin One Pocket. No champions here, just good local players, who love it.
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    Eight Man Round Robin One Pocket at Jointed Cue

    We will be hosting our fourth Eight Man Round Robin One Pocket at the Jointed Cue in Sacramento, CA this Saturday, the 26th. They have been a tremendous success with the players, and our player pool keeps growing. Our next event will probably be for seniors, 65 and over. There will be a free...
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    Jointed Cue Terry Stonier Memorial

    Free Stream at TheBackRoom@JointedCue on Facebook. $1,500 added, $50 entry
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    Free Stream 8 man One pocket at Jointed Cue

    This is at ‘The Back Room at the Jointed Cue’ In Sacramento. You can join the group on Facebook, ask to be included, and we will get you on the list. The eight man groups are picked from the list of players and invitation only, trying to make each session as competitive as possible, and no pro...
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    Free Stream 8 man One pocket at Jointed Cue

    This is the first go round on this, and we have 8 players starting at noon. There will be two four man groups, and each player gets at least three matches in his group, race to three. The winner of each group play for the $. Ties will be decided by ball count. We have around 30 players wanting...
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    Jointed Cue Grand Reopening Tournament

    75 players and will finish up today. The stream is only available on the Jointed Cue Facebook page.
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    Jointed Cue Grand Reopening Tournament

    After being closed for 3 1/2 years, the Jointed Cue is back in business. New owners, lots of upgrades and a free stream today and tomorrow. Get the free stream at or on Facebook.
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    Mary Kennisons walls of pictures

    I believe she has them digitalized. Send her a pm for more info.
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    no more HOB

    Very sad. Great room with some great players for many years. If you were looking for action, you could get played there.