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    Billy "the kid" Aguero

    Hey everyone, Billy "the kid" Aguero is making a movie about his life and all the trials and tribulations he's gone through. As you know he was one of the top ranked players in the world and the 1987 sportsman of the year. He's done everything , gambled for thousands , beat Buddy Hall in the...
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    Mountain View Tourney

    Hey all, I was offering commentary today with Kentucky for the tournament currently going on in Mountain View , CA. I made a post in the live streaming area but just wanted to offer it here since it never made it to a post today. The link to view the matches is...
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    P3 3 Grain Patter

    Have a P3 , with the 3 grain pattern for sale with two 314 2 shafts for sale. 600$ for the whole set, can include a yellow predator case, holds 3 cues. I will post pictures if requested.
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    Live Streaming @ Claifornia Billiards

    Live streaming today @ California Billiards. Being hosted by Brandon Stout & Kentucky. Visit. and click the link