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  1. J

    Wanted PKF Tor Lowry Physical Book

    Looking for physical copy of this book - out of stock on Tor’s Site (he’s doing a second edition) $39.95 Retail Offering $50 shipped to Mass as long as in good condition.
  2. J

    A-1 Billiards Review New England

    I just wanted to thank this section of the Forums because I did all of my research looking for tables and who to help me with my dream room in our new apartment right here over the last 18 months. Without the Home Rooms thread and the mechanics forum I wouldn't have the table I am enjoying now...
  3. J

    Novice Question

    I'm sure this is really basic so please pardon my ignorance but just starting. I got Jerry Briesath pool lesson DVD which was eye opening - lots to work on and learn. But here is my question: when you shoot with left or right English does the cue end up following through 3-4 inches parallel to...