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    Looking for a Pete omen player

    hello everyone, I am looking for a omen play cue. I have between 800 to 1000 to spend.
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    Looking to purchase A Pete omen

    hello, I am looking for a Pete omen play cue or if the deal is right a jump/break and play cue. My budget is around $1200. So what do you got. Must be able to ship to Canada.
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    i have a Cory Barnhart for sale. The cue is ebony and c/w a Irish linen wrap. The cue has a white butt cap and joint with big brass pin. The cue has his silver dot ring work at all positions and two shafts. They have Morri med tips and one has yet to be chalked. Everything is straight and rolls...
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    Cory Barnhart

    I have a ebony Cory Barnhart for sale or trade. This cue rolls straight together or apart. It weighs 20oz but can be adjusted. It has a Irish linen wrap and comes with two shafts. They both have Morri med tips on them. One shaft has yet to see chalk. The cue is ebony as well. I am asking $650 or...
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    lookig to buy

    Hello, I am looking to buy a first edition 5k series or a first series ikon predator cue pref with a fat shaft but 314-2 is ok. Let me know what you have available??
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    runde forsale

    Hello, i have a Bob Runde that i am selling. it weighs approx 20.5 oz's, has a kamui hard tip on one shaft and a kamui med on the other shaft. All the white is ivory and it has a standard joint that Bob use's in his cues. This cue was produced in 1999. I am asking $1650.00 for everything.
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    runde forsale

    Hello, i have a runde forsale and yes signed by him. So if intereted email me at and i will send pictuers
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    bk2 forsale

    Hello everyone, i have a bk2 break cue forsale. It weighs 19.0 oz and has no dings in it. I am asking $275.00 plus freight. I do accept pay pal. Feel free to email me at thnx merv
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    carmelli forsale

    Hello, i have a very nice carmelli available. This cue is in great shape and rolls straight together or apart. the weight is approx 19 oz c/w tallisman tips. I am asking $1650.00 plus pay pal and freight. I am open to trades and offers. if you are offering a trade then i am looking for something...
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    package deal

    Hello everyone, so this is just a feeler. I have a predator blk one c/w 2 314-2 shafts and morri tips, a bk2, a jump cue and a case possibly forsale or trade. All cues are straight and the case is a 2 x 4 in excellent condition. I am looking for offers of cash, cash and trade of the following a...
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    lee peppers custom forsale

    Hello, i have a lee peppers custom available forsale or trade. It has several points, dice and diamonds in the butt, rings at a,b,c,d,e, and two shafts with matching rings and morri med tips. it also has a irish linen wrap and a uniloc joint that can fir a predator shaft if you like. I asking...
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    instroke case forsale

    Hello, i have a 2butt/4shaft instroke case, it is black with silver tooling. I am asking $200, freight and pay pal fees. Obo.
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    2/4 instroke forsale

    Hello, i have a rare instroke case forsale. I am asking $200.00 (obo) plus 4% paypal fees and shipping.
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    andy gilbert forsale/trade

    Hello i have a Andy gilbert forsale. The cue weighs approx 18.5oz (can be changed) and comes with two shafts, lizzard wrap and morri tips. One shaft is original and one is a predator. The cue is straight together or apart. Asking $600.00 o.b.o. plus freight and pay pal fees. Also if there is a...
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    bk2 forsale

    Hello i have a wrapless bk2 forsale. This cue is in 90 percent condition and is totally straight together or apart. i am asking $225.00 and that includes shipping. I accept pay pal and a money order.
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    bk2 forsale

    Hello, i have a wrapless predator bk2 forsale. The cue weighs 19 oz and is totally straight. I am asking $225.00 and to split shipping. I accept paypal.
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    bk2 forsale

    Hello i have a bk2 (wrapless) forsale. It weighs 19 oz and is straight together or apart. This cue is in 90 percent condition. I will take $225.00 for the cue. I accept paypay. I also will split shipping with the buyer.
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    custom cue and bk2 forsale

    Hello, i have a custom lee peppers cue and a bk2 cue set forsale. The play cue has several inlays and ring work as you will be able to see. The bk2 is self explanitory. The play cue is 20oz and comes with morri medium tips and two shafts. The joint is a uniloc system and can fit any uniloc...
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    Hello i have a Lee Peppers cue and i am listening to offers. this cue has only been test hit and comes with a morri tip and leather wrap. I beleieve this cue is about 19.5 ozs.
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    looking for a rundecor pred 5k first edition

    Hello guys i am looking for a bob runde cue or a predator first edition cue. Lets see what you have forsale.