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    What Is The Most Over Rated Cue?

    Nice, subjective question, some hilarious answers based on wait time to get a cue. For me, maybe I got a dud, but I had a tad that hit like a dud. Just no feel, no matter what tip was put on that damn thing. I also had a robinson that was terrible to play with for me.
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    3 cues for sale, Josh Treadway, James White, Tonkin

    Treadway and James white sold. Will post separate for Tonkin tomorrow or so.
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    3 cues for sale, Josh Treadway, James White, Tonkin

    Just to put the Tascarella desires to bed - I was pretty clear that I did not want to sell that cue, or the Barry. If the Tasc is what you absolutely want, offer me $10,000, and it'll be yours. It's unreasonable, I'm aware. But I was clear that I did not want to sell it. If there's a next...
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    3 cues for sale, Josh Treadway, James White, Tonkin

    I've offered these before, but it's been many years. I'd much prefer local to SF Bay area as I really hate packaging, post office, etc. I'm only offering 3 of the 5, and hoping for local interest. From left to right, Barry Szamboti, Josh Treadway, James White, Tascarella, Tonkin. The...
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    Barry Szamboti

    I have this Barry Szamboti.. contacted years ago to have refinished and get a COA, long story short I did get a reply, believed it was one of his cues, rare wrap, etc, busy, and would reach back out when he had the time. Crickets. Now I understand he's basically retired. Looking for advice...
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    John Robinson Custom Ebony and Ivory Tuxedo cue

    Rare, custom ebony and ivory robinson. All inlays are ivory, ferrules as well. The ivory all appears to be from the same piece. The grain matches throughout the cue.. It's rather remarkable. butt15.8oz Shaft 1, 12.70mm, 3.7oz Shaft 2, 12.80mm, 3.8oz The only condition issue is that the metal...
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    Bob Dzuricky custom 6pt Hi/Lo, gorgeous

    If you like customs, like stories, and like great craftsmanship... Well, this could be your next cue. I talked to Bob, this cue was made for himself. It's described in some detail on his website. It was the first cue he used paper veneers for the outer veneers as an experiment, and it, as you...
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    Josh Treadway Titleist Conversion

    Gorgeous Joshua Treadway conversion... If I'm to believe what I was told and can find its one of one, or one of two that he's made. If I have bad info, well, that'll come out in comment I'm sure. radial pin, super classic, clean, chalked to hit, never played, excellent condition. Did I mention...
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    James White fancy - 6pt Hi/Lo, ivory, lizard wrap New / unchalked

    Monster James White (worked with Paul Mottey). Black/green/green veneers. Lots of ivory inlays White points in the low 3 points are also ivory. Small abalone dots Ivory Joint Ivory Butt Ivory ferrules Lizard wrap The cue is stunning. Tons of work. Never hit, never chalked. Forearm is kingwood...
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    FS - Fancy Southwest

    Removed sale.
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    Frey custom, sapele quilted handle

    This cue's been on the boards a bit for a while in Nick's hands, and now its in mine. Thanks Nick. Besides the ridiculously figured and gorgeous piece of wood in the handle, this is the only cue that has ever caught my wife's eye. I'm not generally a fan of wrapless cues, but for a couple...
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    Chuck Fields 2x4

    I purchased this recently: And I noticed there were no threads/reviews here so I figure I'd just post my opinion... I have 2 other cases I think are great.... The rest of my cases are simply cue holders, nothing special, keeps other...
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    If I wanted a cue made with quilted maple

    Who would folks suggest? 4 points, veneers, a few old school inlays, but it all has to work with the quilted maple (or I suppose another quilted cut of wood). I love the look of quilted maple, but I don't want a frankencue where it just looks like a fee pieces of wood were put together without...
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    Tim Scruggs ebony titleist conversion

    This was my player until just recently, and the next month or so will tell if the new Tascarella replaces it or not. I have been told it's reasonably rare, though I don't really know. I suspect several of you will confirm since I'm throwing it out there. It's a great playing cue though...
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    My new baby, classy Tascarella

    I'm just going to steal some of Marc's description for this cue... If you think Balabushkas and Szambotis had magic hits, well, this particular Tascarella gives most of these classics the 6 and out and all the breaks when it comes to magic hits... That said, I got to hit my first balls with...
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    my Barry Szamboti

    Figured I'd share too. I love this stick.. The figured wood in the butt is awesome, and wood and craftsmanship are why I have a small collection. Plays great... I play with all the sticks in my collection from time to time, though I stick my main player mostly... I just can't let them...
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    San Jose/San Francisco area 14.1 help/lesson(s)

    Curious, I've always "played" this game, but recently got back into billiards and did a few searches, and long story short figured out that I never really played 14.1, I just played within the rules of the game but shot off all the easy balls and then suffered. I'm interested in learning more...
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    Scruggs, Joss, Josswest, Robinson, Horn

    Consolidating all my posts into one, all specs and prices added. My original goal was to trade 2-3 (or more) of these cues up to something special. Older named makers, sharp points, classic looks. Specifically have wanted to add a Gina, Gus, Tascarella, open to others but they need to be...
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    WTS, Tim Scruggs,

    I hate to put this cue up, but I go back and forth on it and the fact that I have quite a few scruggs cues, so here it is. $2800. Veneers are green, yellow, and purple. All of the diamonds are ivory. The dashes in the right work appear to have grain to them as well, leading me to believe...
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    Scruggs jump/break value?

    Just curious... As well as I doubt too many people have seen one ;)