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    What Do You Look For in a Pool Instructor

    Someone like Steve Davis who wasn't really a natural but had to think his way to excellence.
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    World 10-ball

    Kristina did a fine job commentating. She gave us an up and coming tournament player's perspective and she filled us in a little on Kaci's snooker background.
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    Good memories

    LA appreciates all the events you used to put on
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    You can take lessons from the best pro ..

    Besides Nick V, Ralph Eckert for general pool. JJ or Gabe Owens for one pocket.
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    Best pool learning books?

    "Gamesmanship" by Stephen Potter
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    Your biggest gambling score, pool or otherwise.

    Archie's got a lotta heart when he's got the right spot. Saw him best Mika when Mika gave up too much weight in one pocket. Mika just shook his head when Archie fired in a couple of spot shots from the end rail.
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    Are there pool halls in California?

    Bunch open in LA area: HOB, Plush Pockets, Good Times, Crenshaw, Shooters, etc.
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    RIP Joe Thomas, He was a great part of pool in Toledo.

    Looks like Toledo Joe. He made a great one pocket DVD.
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    Who is considered the greatest living cueist right now?

    Stephen Lee, who is banned from snooker till 2024. (They say for match fixing, but probably because they were jealous of his stroke.)
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    Tony Annigoni suicide

    In person, Tony was a fun likeable guy. No attitude - just bubbling with ideas and curiosity. Going to miss him.
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    One of the strangest pool movies ever made

    "Chalk" was just mentioned in a recent thread. Kim Davenport and Chris MacDonald had bit parts. Am curious how many folks here have seen it. Here's the preview:
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    Would a dash of hooliganism improve the game of snooker?
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    Dominic Dale on snooker cues,,13165~4195346,00.html
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    Pool in Psy/Snoop Dogg video

    At around 3:30
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    Some serious elbow drop...

    ...snooker's Stephen Lee shows how it is done.
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    Snooker rap video

    from Nirav MJ
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    Gambling in the Phillipines

    Carlo Biado in action:
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    More pool in the news
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    Woman gets hand stuck in pool table...

    ...has to get firefighters to free her:
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    Billiard game in an atom

    Double ionization of argon atoms is reminiscent of a billiard game, where, after a collision, a ball brings another one in motion: