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    anyone still use a Mali cue?

    Yes sir,I play with one of my Malis once in a while.Was told yo put it away because it was a one of a kind.I own 5 of them.Kniw many guys who use Malis to shoot with and some of them own several but that is because we are all from around the area in Mass.where the stucks were made.Know several...
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    What happened to Mali cues?

    Just sharing. Mali cues were made up in Southfield,Mass just north of Canaan,Ct I own 5 of them.They play very well.I know many others who own them as well since we are all from the area.I visited the shop many times.Know the gentleman who ran it. I would like to look into the box that someone...
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    how do shurtz cues play

    I play with a Schurtz cue and I think it is a great cue with a nice feel to it.Beautiful piece of work as are so many of Bob's cues.Nice gentleman and I hope to buy another one soon.
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    Ted Harris cue

    Hello CornerMan, I do have a Ted Harris 9/2004 cue with 2 shafts lightly used. May possibly sell it.Tried to post a picture but it said the pic was too large.Can take more if needed.
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    Would you like to belong here? 8-9' Diamond tables. All Free!!

    That is a heck of a deal! where is this?? Thank you.
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    15 balls at once

    Playing a friend 9 ball once many years ago,money on 5 & 9. He made 7 balls on the break and left the 2 & 9 on the table.He missed the 2 and I made the 2 & 9. What a break for him and then for me!!!
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    Your best playing production cue

    My old one of a kind 1992 Mali
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    Practice table size 9’ or 10’

    And don't forget,practicing MAY make you a better player.
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    Practice table size 9’ or 10’

    Just curious,what state are you in? I am in Connecticut and know that you can get a nice used 9' Gold Crown(II or III),new rubber,new felt and pockets and delivered/set up for a decent price.Be glad to steer you to the right people(for free).
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    Guess the wood in this old Brunswick cue

    How about Birch?
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    Is $169 a bad price for a CF shaft?

    Where can I buy this CF shaft?? I just bought a new shaft that I have not even chalked yet but may try the CF too.
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    Common mistakes a lot of average players make.

    Not having a pre-shot routine.
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    RIP Scott Lee

    My Deepest Sympathy to Scott's family,friends and the pool world.
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    Downtown pool rooms.

    Just wanted to say that there are some rooms in Connecticut(US 1 Billiards & Bar,Shooters,Racks,Pool Table Magic,Yale Blliards,Buckland Billiards and Bar and more).Also several in New York City.
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    APA League MVP

    If you are playing pool because you love to play,want to keep getting better and never sandbag then you will get the best reward.Personal satisfaction,others things are gravy.
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    First...I Eat

    Depends on how well you are shooting.You could always thin the 11 and put the cue ball on the bottom rail preferably on the 3.
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    Jump sticks have changed the game

    I own a jump cue.It is 20 years old.I rarely use it.I like the challenge of kicking so unless I really have no chance to kick and get a hit,I will jump.(Doesn't mean it will be a successful jump).Depends alot on how important the game and match are.If I am playing for fun,I won't use a jump cue.
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    Which Mali Cue is this and what's it worth?

    I think your cue looks like a #13 from Mali 386 Series (1997).This model sold wholesale for $150. If you are selling it.I have a few Malis and would be interested at $100.
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    Can't play because of back pain (hernia) - any tips?

    Get yourself to a doctor,please.
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    offered to adjust and refused

    When I was around 18 and a C player in our pool hall I used to play a class A player who spotted me 25 points to a game of 50 in straight pool and always beat me.One day I said that I would play him even.He said I was nuts because I could not even beat him with the spot.I took no spot .He said...