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    Please refund the money you owe!!

    It's the purpleheart fullsplice 360 style cue.
  2. BSummersCues

    Please refund the money you owe!!

    Well I really didnt care I was over dealing with the guy being questioned every other day from the beginning of the build. Believe me this is not his first fallen out with cuemaker. I've had a few different builders contact me that put up with same stuff. Then have to hear this at least once...
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    Summers 360 style fullsplice

    Custom built wenge into Gaboon ebony. Black phenolic joint and buttcap. ss radial pin. 60" cue shaft several different mm available $1300 1 shaft add another shaft for 200 paper micarta ferrels weight 19 can go up or down I do splice all my builds myself. thanks for checking out my work.
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    Summers Fullsplice butterfly for sale. New

    Brand new I test hit like all cues I build. Cue built from Gaboon Ebony and Bacote. Tight returns on all points. Cue comes with 1 shaft that is extremely nice straight grained Curly maple "rare to find this quality of Curly shaft". Specs 60" 30/30 19.7 oz. yellow paper micarta ferrels...
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    Summers Custom Blank

    Custom sharp points and butterfly blanks. Oversized in length and diameter. 1" @ joint end 1.4" butt 31.25 long GONE!!
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    Summers Custom Butterfly Blank

    Offering a blank for sale that you will not find anywhere. Features Mun Ebony/Gaboon Ebony. Oversized in length and diameter Specs 30.75" 18 oz. 1" @ 29" up from butt end 1.35" @ butt end Gone!!!! THANKS for looking. Brent Summers sorry if the pics are all sideways couldn't figure out...
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    Summers custom cue blanks

    Offering these custom built cue blanks as a group! All are oversized still. Left to right 1. Purpleheart and curly maple $475 2. Cocobolo and Wenge $525 3. Wenge and curly maple $475 4. Curly shedua and black ebony $525 5. Curly maple and black ebony $525 6. Wenge and bubinga $475 Pm me if...
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    Fullspliced build.

    Cue I built for a customer. Wanted to share a few pics with you all. Thanks Brent Summers <a href="" target="_blank"><img...
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    Blanks for sale!

    Y3 fullsplice blanks for sale. Curly claro walnut and curly maple. $325 Ebony and bocote. $325 Curly maple and cocobolo. $325 30.125 long .95 or slightly over at joint. Thanks Brent Summers
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    BLANK for sale

    Blank for sale!!! Built this from cocobolo into high figured carribean rosewood. The butterfly is recut with curly maple. $275 shipped in US Length 30.1 .97 @ joint Thanks for looking
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    8 point blanks

    2 on right available. 2 on left sold 2- 8 point fullspliced blanks up for sale. 4 sharp points up top and 4 reversed points at bottom. $250 each. Oversized still ready to work with. 30.25 long. Thanks Brent 1. Sold 2. Sold 3.Figured shedua handle and points spliced into bacote. Gives...
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    2 blanks for sale

    Holiday special 225$ 2 middle ones are still available. Shedua and cocobolo w sapwood which makes it lok like ghost points.. Other is curly maple with camitillo rosewood.
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    offering some blanks

    weekend SALE 225 each. Second picture down middle 2 are only ones left. Cocobolo w sapwood and shedua is one. And the other is curly maple with camitillo rosewood. Just let me know which one you would like. Oversized at 30.25 long by 1" at joint. Thx for looking ,brent. Thx
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    new sharp return 4 point cue

    Hi everyone. Just finished up on a cue build. Made from camitillo and bubinga. Ivory joint and buttcap. Hand cut sharp returned inside corners on all 4 points. Thanks for taking the time look and enjoy the pics, Brent Summers
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    new cue just finished up

    A cue I just finished up. Wanted to share a couple pics. Thanks for looking. Brent Summers
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    claro walnut curly and burl fs

    Have a piece of claro walnut. Curly and burl high figured. The burl section is 10 1/2" long and then turns into curly. Dry and ready for use. 21 3/8" x 2 1/8x 1 1/2 Shipped in us only 140$ paypal
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    Ash shaft wood fs.

    For sale 21 pieces of ash shaftwood. Bought this off a cuebuilder who sold all his shaftwood to me a few years ago. I won't use it. Some of it has dates last turned in 06'. All of it was starated at the same time he told me. The 2 on far right I'm not sure what they are but not ash. $225...
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    New fullsplice Brent Summers cues 4 available

    Up for sale 4 fullspliced 8 point cues. 4 sharp and 4 butterflies points on each cue. All are 58" long. Specs: from left to right in the first picture 1. Cocobolo fore lacewood handle. Off white paper micarta joint and buttcap. Butt weight:14.3 Shaft weight: 3.9 Shaft : 12.7 mm Black g10...
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    ebony cue order all finished up

    Sharing a couple pics of most recent order completed. Thanks for looking Brent Summers
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    custom fullsplice order completed

    Wanted to share a few pics of an order just completed. Thanks for checking out my work! Brent Summers