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    Ronny Park Passes Away Due to COVID Complications

    Oh, no. I met Ronny when i was 19 at Mothers in Charlotte. We immediately bonded. He loved his Italian food! RIP my friend. :(
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    Jeanette Lee

    Jeanette is one of the most kind-hearted and caring people I have ever met. She has the heart of a lion. She cares deeply about her friends and family She has been a walking miracle most of her entire life. I was devastated when I discovered what my dear friend has been enduring. I will be...
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    I was blessed to have been at the Executive from the very first event to the last event there. I will say, there is no comparison. It is unfortunate that the tournament had to be moved. As we know, all good things to come to an end. I am not around pool much at all anymore but if there was...
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    Jose Parica

    Does anybody know what happened to Jose? Is he still alive and well? I always liked his game. Sent from my iPhone using AzBilliards Forums
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    Where is Alex P?

    I couldn't help but notice Alex Pagulayan wasn't at the Derby. I was quite surprised as he is always a contender there for the All Around title. I hope everything is ok. IMO, he is a huge draw to the sport. He is always nice and entertaining.
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    RIP Dan Walton "Waldo"

    Waldo passed away today in Indianapolis. He had been in the hospital with health conditions that he just couldn't shake. He was a well known player in Indiana and the midwest. He played great bar table pool. He is in a better place I feel, as he had been going through hard times the past...
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    Johnston City Clip

    Came across this tonight and thought it definitely needed to be shared here. This is an old clip featuring many people you may recognize. I've never seen it before and not sure if it's been shared here, but if it has it's definitely worthy of another share. Apparently this was on "News 5...
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    Pool gets national TV exposure finally!

    Has anybody seen the shingles commercial? I believe it's an add for a prescription drug. First time I heard it I didn't pay much attention but just heard it and the man says.."I played, pool...". Then they go into some facts about shingles and when they go back to him he...
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    ***** RealBartram and Genomachino Hanging out together tonight in Columbus!*****

    A guy sent me this link and said he recorded Gene and Chris talking trash to one another tonight down at a local bar. Sounds like it is getting heated between these two fellas. This match should be one for the ages. Here is the video...
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    Efren plays his best overall...

    On Gold Crowns! Does anybody else think this to be true? I've watched a lot of Efren's footage over the last 15 years and it seems that he has played his best pool on Gold Crowns. There are many memorable matches, including but not limited to, the "Color of Money Hong Kong Challenge." After...
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    "As the World Turns"..."Guiding Light" or is it "The Young and The Restless?"

    "As the World Turns"..."Guiding Light" or is it "The Young and The Restless?" What soap opera best describes the current situation going on in the pool industry? To me, it has gotten quite comical on here lately. We have all these cliques, leagues, organizations, promoters, players, and fans...
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    Conflicting reports regarding BB

    I did not watch tonight. From what I have is a good damn thing. So, how was it?
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    Finally some good "press"...take notes Billiard Promoters! BINGO...:grin: Finally some good press :)
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    Enough of the shit slinging...What happened to Rudolfo Luat?

    I have not heard or seen anything from him in many years. Does he still play pool? I used to love watching his stroke. Semi sidearm stroke sort of similar to McCready. I figured I would start a thread to break up all the shit slinging going on here.
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    CJ Wiley...Great Player and even Greater Teacher of the Game

    I was lucky enough to have been revealed the "touch of inside" playing system 3 or 4 years ago. CJ was just beginning to get back into pool, and I ran into him at a weekend tournament. After some conversation he was nice enough to explain to me many the TOI benefits and how he used it for...
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    Prayers for Brian Groce please!

    Brian is in the hospital with some complications. Not sure of all the details but from what I understand it could be serious. He is a great player with tons of heart and spirit. I'm praying he can pull through. Keep him and his family in your thoughts.
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    Prayers for Watchez...

    He had some health complications this morning and was rushed by ambulance to hospital. I wanted to post for his friends here he needs prayers and support for recovery. Ill allow him to explain details if he desires. He is a good friend and somebody I respect. Prayers coming your way buddy!
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    Dcc rooms

    I call and they transfer me around 3 or 4 times and telle they don't know what I'm talking about in regards to a room for the event!! Finally talk to a live person at front desk and she says she doesn't know the "code" and she "thinks" they are booked. Wtf is the deal. Anybody have this problem...
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    Pay top 10% like White Diamonds...

    Could ya'll imagine if there was say just one tournament a month like White Diamonds? Pool would jump in the right direction! Now granted most of money is generated from the Calcutta and they gamble in the south, but it's a formula that could have some success. For example, What draws the...