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    9' Table Allergy?

    While my favorite table is 8-foot {because it is in my home} I have no fear of larger of smaller tables. Each comes with advantages and disadvantages. Smaller tables makes you have to deal with more clusters and more difficulty moving the CB around. Larger tables makes you shoot more precisely...
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    Chalk placement question

    I just came her to indicate the correct orientation for chalk is "up" so the dust does not soil the rails on the table. As to proving intent, If I start to get down on a shot and see the chalk cube anywhere near the shooting line, I get up and move the cube. It is the gentlemanly thing to do.
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    why the hell do people call a cue a monster or hits a ton !!! , that just turns me off . any reason

    It hits like a Monster (that sneaks up behind you in the dark and does evil things to your game. I have seen break cures do exactly this; but opposite as to the intended purpose of the phrase.) It hits like a Ton. A ton is a unit of weight/mass whereas Hit is a force. The users of this sentence...
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    there is such a thing as too soft

    For all the things you mention is why I play with harder tips.
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    Dime Radius or Nickel Radius?

    I use a dime radius (or maybe a bit tighter radius.) More spin, less forgiving--causing me to have to shoot more deliberately.
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    English Transfer

    There are two things going on:: a) there is spin induced throw b) there is spin transfer Spin induced throw cause the OB to roll down a line that is askew by a few degrees to the line of centers between CB and OB. Spin transfer is where the OB takes on a small percentage of the inverse of the...
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    What is an OB Rez Shaft

    Epoxy is a resin. Resin is used to glue various bits of the wood shaft together. If you do this bonding in a vacuum bag or in an autoclave under pressure, the glue is forced into the pores of the wood. An Autoclave can be used at temperature and pressure to cure the epoxy faster--lowering...
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    Why do people want to go down in rank?

    To get this past the APA, you are going to have to legally change your name, and all your various IDs, and then enter the league as if you had never played.
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    How Does an APA 7 Go Down to a 6?

    If you beat SL 6s more than 50% and loose to SL 7s more than 50%, you are in the proper SL class as an SL 7.
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    Dented my shaft at the worst time

    Without the microwave I have been doing this for years. Dip q-tip in water and allow tip to be in contact with dent in shaft for 20-odd minutes. Once dent has swelled above the shaft surface a shot glass is used to compress the wood back into smooth and round. But, Lou, thanks for the microwave...
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    Business idea: Combining pool with a gym?

    Do pool players want to mingle with hot and sweaty gym people ? Do hot and sweaty gym people want to mingle with cold killers on the pool table ? Pool players like to drink and a significant number like to smoke--things a gym would frown upon. Which brings up the notion:: would a gym with a...
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    1200 or 150?

    Snooker frames take quite a bit longer, and Snooker has a bigger following and Snooker has more professional money in it.
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    1200 or 150?

    There can be double hills all the time--but the winner of the next game does not end up deciding the whole contest.
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    Wired breaks idea

    Simple: require slug racks !
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    Black permanent marker on shaft

    Ethyl alcohol is ethanol and is the stuff you drink except in 196 proof--one can obtain 200 proof ethanol from laboratory grade suppliers. Denatured alcohol is Methanol also known as race gas for Indy cars until the mid 2010s.
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    Black permanent marker on shaft

    For the record:: I use lacquer thinner.....
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    What's the highest TPA ever for an entire 9B match?

    I just watched this last week. Wetch got 1 shot (other than the lag) and it was a nasty one.
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    Rambo in front of a pool table

    I would want a copy of the knife he used in the first 2 Rambo's with the serrated back side edge good for cutting fence wire and a sewing kit and compass in the base of the handle.
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    If you could only play on bar box's in bars would you hang up your cue?

    Prior to the COVID thingie--I played more on 6.5' bar boxes than my home table. right now I am practicing 2 hours a night on my 8' table. After this COVID thingie--I will play more on the 6.5' bar boxes than my home table.
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    Practice practice practice

    Satellites and stealth drones.