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  1. Sweet Marissa

    "Buyer of futuristic pool table claims he's been snookered."

    The buyer of a futuristic, $73,000 glass pool table claims he's been snookered. In a complaint filed in Orange Country, Calif., superior court, the buyer alleges that the maker, Nottage Design of Australia, neglected to disclose one important fact about the table: Play on it with anything but...
  2. Sweet Marissa

    Oops... I'm looking for pool halls in ROANOKE, Virginia...

    Looking for decent/nice places to play pool in or around Roanoke, Virginia... Thank you!!
  3. Sweet Marissa

    Richmond, Virginia pool halls?

    Any decent pool halls in Richmond, Virginia? Thanks in advance : )
  4. Sweet Marissa

    9-Ball Identification?

    Nice to know this place hasn't changed.
  5. Sweet Marissa

    Looking for carrying case for pool balls

    I may be playing some soon and it's a pain to carry my personal set of balls in their box, so I'm looking for a carrying case to make it easier on me. My email is Thanks! P.s. Lynessa is starting to walk :)
  6. Sweet Marissa

    New Orleans Pool Rooms

    Are there any decent places to play in New Orleans? Looking for a room with nice tables, not a rat hole. Thanks!
  7. Sweet Marissa

    Happy birthday to Susie Cue!

    May we live long enough to forget each other's birthday ;) Miss you, girl! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
  8. Sweet Marissa

    Small antiquing find...

    Found this old nine ball while antiquing today and thought I'd share :)
  9. Sweet Marissa

    Happy birthday, Derek Disco!

    Wishing you a great birthday, Derek! Since I'm posting from my phone, (insert cutesy birthday gif here). *hugs*
  10. Sweet Marissa

    Please vote for me! Plus check out WPBA headshots!

    Hey, everyone! My life has been so busy between being a mommy and photography so I haven't been posting, though I do read some when I have time. For those of you who don't know, I've been a photographer for over ten years. I do mostly portraits and now more weddings, but I also shot the WPBA...
  11. Sweet Marissa

    NPR but need help with something - Anyone in Seattle?

    Sorry I'm posting in the Main Forum but I'm trying to get some quick help with something. I want to purchase a camera I found online but she'll only deal locally - she's in Seattle. I would appreciate if I could PayPal someone the money for it and mail it to me. Thank you for reading!
  12. Sweet Marissa

    I placed 1st in a World One Pocket Championship

    In my dreams, literally lol It took place in India. And Neil placed 2nd. The Bunny was there because she was your best friend and cheering you on (Neil will know to whom I'm referring). Then we were talking about taking a road trip to gamble in Texas. There was more but it's hazy now that the...
  13. Sweet Marissa

    Happy birthday, Holly!

    Hope it's a good one!
  14. Sweet Marissa

    Happy birthday, Monica Webb!

    Hope your year is the best so far!
  15. Sweet Marissa


    Tomorrow is your birthday but since you'll be sleeping off tonight's celebration so you can celebrate some more this weekend... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAVE!
  16. Sweet Marissa

    Blessings, everyone!

    May the miracle of Christmas always fill you with wonder! Love to you all, Marissa, Chris, Lynessa, and Castor :)
  17. Sweet Marissa

    Avatar for Spidey

    I was shoe shopping and came across these!
  18. Sweet Marissa

    Happy birthday, Corvette!!

    Have a great one, man!
  19. Sweet Marissa

    Happy birthday, Hilla Hilla!

    Wishing you a great birthday, Hilary!
  20. Sweet Marissa

    Regulacation size table for sale... I'm either really tired, easily amused, or both : )