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  1. Agent 99

    Does anyone know where this pool room is?

    Just wondering where this room is. Link would not transfer to this page.
  2. Agent 99

    2018 Mosconi - A few comments...

    It sure feels good to finally win again .. yes I am from the States. Wanted to say first, that the Rosson table played very differently than the Diamonds I am use to playing on. The cushions were soft and those pockets played big, real big. I am not sure what kind or cloth was used but it was...
  3. Agent 99

    McDermott New H-Series Cue .. Very Nice.

    Just saw this today and I think it's some real great thinking. To easily be able to adjust not only weight, but the balance as well is a great functional feature. Might be old news around these parts but I wanted to give it a shout out.
  4. Agent 99

    Is there such a thing as a straight cue? How much roll is too much?

    Wanted to get some input on cues with a roll. Is there such a thing as a perfectly straight cue? How much roll is too much? How do you test a cue to see how straight it is? (Best Way) How much will roll affect the playability of the cue? If you bought a new cue and it had a roll, any...
  5. Agent 99

    Rocket vs Magician - ITP World - 06' - Finals - VIDEO

    Great Pool...
  6. Agent 99

    Cole Dickson - 9B - Finals - Ice Man vs Robo Cop - VIDEO

    Good quality povpool production.
  7. Agent 99

    The Pearl vs Eric H. - TS XXVIII - VIDEO

    Stream is a little rough.
  8. Agent 99

    Shane vs Jason - Finals - TS XXVIII -- VIDEO

  9. Agent 99

    If you lived in Denton Texas .. Where would you be able to play local tournaments?

    I need some help from our Texas members. Just curious where, and how far you would have to travel to find regular held tournament action? Nine foot or seven foot doesn't matter, nor does the game. If it's north of the border it's fine .. just wondering if you could play a few or at least one...
  10. Agent 99

    New Shaft from McDermott...

    McDermott, the first cue manufacturer to use carbon fiber in a shaft, has just come out with their latest version.
  11. Agent 99

    Jose Parica - Interview - VIDEO

    The original Philippino Nightmare...
  12. Agent 99

    After 3 months with my Naked BeCue - Thoughts and Details

    Let me start by saying that this is about more than reviewing a cue. Yes the BeCue is, by definition, a pool cue. But it is very different than any pool cue made before, at least any cue that I have ever seen. This post will be about why I bought a BeCue. what I use a BeCue for, and why the...
  13. Agent 99

    Pearl vs The Magecian - Memory Lane - Incredible 9B - VIDEO

    It's not hi-def, but it is professionally produced. It's the audio of armature productions that irritate me the most. Great audio levels here, and you can hear everything any one says clearly ... always an extra big plus when the Pearl is involved. The announcing is cool as well with Buddy...
  14. Agent 99

    Must See - WPS 8B - Incredible Out by Chris Melling - VIDEO

    Now this is shot making...
  15. Agent 99

    2017 DCC 9B - Thorpe vs The Magician - VIDEO

    Interesting match between one of the games best young talents and a legendary champion. It's a classic thriller that goes down to the wire.
  16. Agent 99

    WPS 9' 8B Thorpe vs DeLuna - 2017 - VIDEO

    Every time I see Billy Thorpe he keeps playing better. No telling what this young man's ceiling will be, I think he is a true monster in the making. Here is some Eight Ball on a Nine footer ... perhaps the best format to attract new viewers and players into the larger world of pool. Good...
  17. Agent 99

    S Dakota Kid vs the Magician 2017 DCC 9B - VIDEO

    Good match, excellent video quality...
  18. Agent 99

    Dechaine vs Orcollo 2015 BB US Open Final 8B - VIDEO

    Excellent audio/video quality...
  19. Agent 99

    Django Interview from about one year ago -- VIDEO

    Interview covers a wide range of subjects -- Insight to Busty's personal live, his career, mentors, equipment, jump cues and more...
  20. Agent 99

    Kickin' Chicken -- What happened to the Ivory/SBE thread?

    Where did it go ... Did I miss something exciting? .. :D