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    NY Times article on John Schmidt's 626

    Not sure if this was already posted, but nice to see pool in MSM.
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    WTB: Uniloc Radial pin cue

    I'm looking for an inexpensive cue that has: 1) Uniloc Radial Pin 2) Linen Wrap Prefer it to be simple (no off colors, inscriptions, stickers, or logos). Cosmetic condition is not a major concern, but it must be straight!! Please post or PM. thanks, BJ
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    Interesting interview Not sure if this has been posted before, but I thought it looked interesting....enjoy.
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    Darren Forfeits Beloit

    This is regarding the big money $2,000 entry, 16 man 8 ball event being held in Beloit, WI this weekend at Dave Cole's Carom Room. Darren had eliminated Jesse Bowman 15-14 last night to guarantee himself 4th place. He was scheduled to play Sky Woodward on the loser's side for 3rd place this...
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    Danny Smith - Louis Roberts Nominee

    Just like to throw Danny Smith's name into the ring for the 2015 Louis Roberts award. Kid was in constant action from start to finish, including an epic 26 hour straight 88 game 1 pocket battle with Gentile.
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    Authorized Kamui Installer

    The Kamui website referred me to Midwest Bicycle and Billiards in Waukegan, IL for authorized Kamui tip installation. Does anybody here have any experience with them? thanks.
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    Kamui Tip Installer

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    Espn Tried to attach screenshot
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    Please mic the table!!!

    This is very odd and not as enjoyable. Not being able to hear the break or other sounds is strangely annoying!
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    Finding Places to Play

    In the Chicago area alone, I can probably think of half a dozen bars, taverns, etc... that have beautiful diamond tables. However, it is generally very difficult to find these places through traditional means (yellow pages, google, etc...). Just a couple weeks ago, I walked into a bar on the...
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    Great CSI Event

    In several recently created threads, there has been clearly expressed outrage over CSI's decision to allow Shane to advance from the group qualifying round into the knockout stage in spite of the fact that he finished 2nd in his group. This decision was necessitated by Ralf Souquet's travel...
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    Pocket Reducers

    WTB... complete set of Practice Pro Pocket Reducers. Must be in good condition. $40 all-in. Please pm.
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    I was thinking about possibly purchasing a Searing cue. While I understand that it is almost impossible to order one new, there do seem to be a few that come up for sale now and then. My question is, for a relatively new (built after 2000), 4 point, veneered, Searing cue in good to excellent...
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    World 9B Championships....

    ...and what it may say about the state of American pool. Entering the knockout stage of the WPA world 9B championships, we have 64 remaining players representing 26 different countries. After a quick examination of this list of final round participants, we can easily see that this is one of...
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    Snooker vs. Pool

    Over the past several months, there have been numerous posts and threads comparing and contrasting Snooker to American pool. The far from unanimous consensus seems to be that: Snooker relies much more on cueing fundamentals than pool, and in general, pool players (especially those of the...
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    NY Times, Strickland Video

    Not sure if already posted, but thought it was interesting:
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    Mosconi Cup Prediction Poll

    Given that there are a couple threads concerning the makeup of the 2014 US Mosconi Cup team that have garnered much attention, I thought it might be interesting to start a poll and then see how close we get to the final results. I've tried to include players who: a) ...seem to be in the...
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    GC IV table roll

    I own a 13 year old Gold Crown IV. I bought it new in 2000 and it has only seen moderate recreational use in my house. However, due to several work relocations, it has been broken down, reassembled, and recovered no less than 4 times during the past 10 years. Furthermore, for about 3 of those...