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    What is with all the 502 Bad Gateway links?

    title says it all.
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    How to contact Diamond

    I want to buy a light from Diamond Billiards. On their web site it says "Call for pricing" and gives 812-288-7665 When I call, the phone answers asking if I want info on a) Derby City Classic b) Help with hotels c) no other options I even tried asking for an operator, and hitting the 0 key No...
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    Legal or foul?

    A ball is frozen to the rail. The Cue ball rolls up to it, there is a definate double click sound at the moment of contact, the object ball remains on the rail, while the CB rolls away. Is this a legal shot or a foul? {I believe that it is a definate foul if there was not the double click sound...
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    Olhausen Rail Torque

    I have a new Olhausen 8 footer. I am looking for the torque specification on the (3) bolts that hold the rails to the slate via the domed wahser. One of the rails detorqued on one end itself and started to rattle. I firmed it up, but since the other bolts were "not so tight" I estimated that...
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    Room readiment

    I am in the process of buying a pool table to fit in a house built in the late 1920s/early 1930s with pier and beam construction. The table will be placed on the ground floor and will be from one of the 4 top brands {Olhausen, Connelly, Brunswick, Diamond} in the $3K-$4K range, 1" slate, typical...
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    Massé Cue

    I am looking to construct a Massé cue. I came here to discuss a few parameters of this cue. One of the places I play has a restricted ceiling height. Thus the maximum length of the butt needs to be in the 20" range. I think that I would like the whole cue to end up in the 47" range. I want the...