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  1. GoldCrown

    Has anyone used Billiard Florida

    Bought a table or used for a set up. Thanks.
  2. GoldCrown

    Show your Diamond Professional table

    Was looking at Mannings website. There is gallery of Diamond Professional tables. They are pretty clean and sharp. Customized....finishes, legs, pockets, etc. Please show your Diamond Professional table if you have one. Thanks
  3. GoldCrown

    Gold Crown 6

    Would like feedback from mechanics that installed them. Had one say the table is eh. Would like to not compare to a Diamond... simply want to know why some mech's do or do not not like it from their point of view. What is there not to like. Negative and positive comments welcome. Reason I’m...
  4. GoldCrown

    Mech in Florida

    Has anyone had a table set up in Florida by Kurt Spell. Please post or PM. Thanks, Frank
  5. GoldCrown

    New Brunswick Centennial

    Sneek Peeks. Has anyone seen it. Would like to know how the rosewood looks up close.
  6. GoldCrown


    The table you like is the best.. Every quality table is as good as the next. However from current experience I think Diamonds tables are the one's to buy/own as service is most likely easier to come by as Diamond seems to have certified/authorized mechanics around the country or one's that will...
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    deleted...posted elsewhere
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    Spectator seat

    Not the chair with arms...will not fit in room. Need a narrow stool type seat that has a small footprint. I'm up for suggestions. Post pictures if you have them. Thanks.
  9. GoldCrown

    Scoring units

    Looking for options to keep score (other than beads) for straight pool. . Please show what are using. Thanks
  10. GoldCrown

    Diamond Ball Cleaner on wheels

    My room is too small for a Diamond ball cleaner to be in the area. Too heavy for me to lift ... I’d like mount on a small mobile cart to move around. Has anyone done that ...I know there are adjustable mobile bases available.
  11. GoldCrown

    Wiring a FiN (Lite-Systems)

    Has anyone wired a Fin LED...I need someone to walk me through the wiring. Thanks, Frank
  12. GoldCrown

    Diamond Bal lPolisher

    If you bought one how is packaged? Does it make to to your door in one piece undamaged or is it loose in a box? Thanks
  13. GoldCrown

    Ball Cleaner - Disinfectant

    Any suggestions. We're trying to get the community clubroom open in a safe fashion. Would limit the players, stagger tables, etc. Somebody raised the question of using sanitizer on the balls. He has a valid point. Thank, Frank
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    Florida Table Installer question

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    Anyone using a Fin 1x6 over a 9 ft table. Is it the perfect light is the FiN Wide the one to get. Thanks. EDIT....ordered the FiN 1x6. Will follow up after installation.
  16. GoldCrown

    Valley Table

    Looking for a new 93” to go on second floor of house. Who sells and delivers... Princeton NJ area. A home model ... not coin. Thanks.
  17. GoldCrown

    Hi hat lighting

    Anyone using multiple LED hi hats above their table. Would use 6 or 8. Ceiling is 10 ft. Thoughts?
  18. GoldCrown

    GC w/ white rails

    Who has played on a GC with high gloss white rails ...... how bad is the reflection. Thanks
  19. GoldCrown

    Installer in S Florida

  20. GoldCrown

    9' table in 18' room

    I had this discussion with my good friend, adviser, consultant, teacher (what else?). That would be Mr. TRW aka Tom Wirth. The plan is to have the foot end a few more inches (1 or 1.5) from the wall and use a shorter cue (54") if the cue ball is frozen on the head rail. Curious how homeowners...