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  1. boogieman

    What?! Starting in dead stroke and then everything goes to poo.

    My latest dilemma is that I can come to the table completely cold, even if I haven't shot for several days and just shoot the lights out. I play great, in dead stroke for 4-5 racks, then once I miss one or two, I'm toast. At first everything feels 100% natural, just a good beautiful feel where...
  2. boogieman

    Olhausen rattle, is this a good fix?

    I've been doing research on the forum and online and would like to hear if I'm on the right track. I have an Olhausen and I'm sick of cleanly hit balls over a medium pace rattling out of the pocket. It makes the game less fun as properly hit object balls in which your CB ends up with perfect...
  3. boogieman

    Boogie's RDS Journey/Blog Post

    Boogie's RDS Journey I'm not big on New Year's Resolutions, but this is my attempt at one. I want to improve my game and see Exam IV - Runout Drill System (RDS) found at as a good vehicle to do so. In this post I plan to document my progress through the RDS system. I...
  4. boogieman

    Looking for a Cyclop Hyperion replacement 10 ball.

    Never mind, I found it under a salon chair near my table. No idea how it got there.
  5. boogieman

    Monopoly money in the pot.

    We had an idea last night, why not get a set or two of monopoly money and use it to bet among friends? We don't really want to gamble real money, but this could be a fun way to earn bragging rights and get some extra ribbing in. Maybe start out with a bankroll of $500. Once someone wins a...
  6. boogieman

    Starball, a game you should be playing!

    Has anyone here heard of Starball, or still play it? There used to be a guy that sold the sets on ebay who I believe is the creator. Around a decade or more ago, he sold his remaining stock as 8 ball sets, and plain cue ball/red ball sets. There is basically no info on the web about this game...
  7. boogieman

    Oh man, this is funny.

    Was watching a game of rotation (61) and saw this, watch for about 15 seconds!
  8. boogieman

    Brazilian pool, live now, started 2 min ago

    Live now, Brazilian pool: Baianinho X Gladiador - R$ 10.000 QUEM FAZ 10
  9. boogieman

    Poor Sportsmanship Engages Monster Mode

    I'm a good sportsman, I treat everyone with respect and I just have fun playing pool. I'll cheer on their good shots, good leaves, lucky rolls etc (not out loud or anything, just in my own head). I might tell them what an awesome shot they made after the game. I genuinely enjoy seeing pool...
  10. boogieman

    Brazil/Brasil Sinuca check out this wild pool game.

    Does anyone know the rules? Here are a couple videos, the first is what looks to be similar to 8 ball only with 14 balls. As far as I can tell, if you hit an opponents ball into the pocket, you also remove one of their balls. Fouls where you directly hit an opponents ball and you remove 2 of...
  11. boogieman

    Ferrule vs. ferrule less, vault plates etc.

    I’d really appreciate some cue maker opinions. I’m thinking about getting a torrified shaft, I want this thing to last at least 20 years. What are your options on ferrule vs ferrule less with tip vault? I’m concerned about longevity and future maintenance. I’d like the cue to be almost hard...
  12. boogieman

    Looking for a little advice on Phil Capelle books.

    I hope this is in the right place, the products section all seemed to be reviews... please forgive me if it isn't right. I own the play your best 8 ball, play your best 9 ball, and a mind for pool. I really like the books and have found them really informative. Does anyone have any...
  13. boogieman

    My thoughts on Tiger Onyx vs. Kamui tips

    This is my review/thoughts on my new Onyx tip by Tiger and how it compared to the various Kamui tips I have used. I will start out by saying, I am definitely not a Kamui hater, I use their chalk (cue dramatic music for resulting price complaints) and absolutely love it. I can use other chalk...
  14. boogieman

    Tip hardness and Sweet spot feel am I just nuts?

    I have recently realized something I think I knew all along. At least found a way to verbalize it. I may be nuts, but when I get a good hit, it has a certain feel to it. Almost like how when you were a kid and striking a xylophone in music class. Sort of a ring/ting/vibrating feel. When I...
  15. boogieman

    Some Kamui chalk impressions/ mini review

    I know this is probably beating a dead horse at this point, but I thought I would share my experience with Kamui chalk. Of course the first thing anyone thinks about is price. While it seems expensive for chalk, let me remind you, it is made from powdered unicorn bones, and honestly, when is...
  16. boogieman

    Strategy oriented books?

    I have been looking for strategy oriented books on pool. It seems any book I get teaches you as if you never have seen a pool cue, meaning they all go over the same basics for a large portion of the book. I am looking for a more specific book to strategy. Things like safeties, offense/defense...
  17. boogieman

    Needing some thoughts on what size table to buy.

    I am at a bit of a loss on which size table to get. Here in Southeast Iowa I have to travel 100 miles to even find a 9' table, I am deep in the heart of bar box land, meaning anywhere I play anyone, is will be on a bar box. I really like an 8' bar box table I play on at the local pool hall...
  18. boogieman

    Anyone know of 9' tables in Iowa?

    I am going to purchase a table after I get a room remodeled. I took a wall out, now the room is 15' 6" x 28' so I can fit a 7', 8', or 9'... Anyway, the only thing around in southeast Iowa (Ottumwa) is bar boxes. I got playing on an 8' bar box in a local pool hall and much preferred it to the...