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    Josey SP For Sale

    Really nice cue. Minimal Play. 19 oz. 13mm shaft. Moori Med tip. Hits great! Please call or text 913-731-7100 if interested. $500 shipped
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    Josey Sneaky Pete One Of A Kind

    I love this cue. Never seen another like it. It has only been played with once. 19oz hits like all Joseys fantastic!! 13mm One shaft. Please call 913-731-7100 if interested $400 shipped
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    Josey Sneaky Pete In Like New Condition

    ]I am selling my Keith Josey Sneaky Pete. I have 4 of his cues and need to sell some of my toys as I have to many. It is in very good condition and the weight is 19 oz. The shaft is 13mm. I did not have it pro tapered because you can always take more off but you cant add to. It plays fantastic...
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    3 very nice josey sp for sale cheap!!

    All three have one shaft and very light if any use and are in excellent condition. I don't really need to sell just don't need 5 cues. I love Keiths work which is why I own so many of his cues. You can reach me anytime at 913-731-7100 for more questions or to get pics. Thanks for your interest...
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    2011 8 Point Loaded Josey

    I have a 2011 Josey for sale. The cue is ebony with turqouis inlays. It has a lizard leather wrap and is in perfect condition. two shafts, med moori tips. $2100 shipped cont us. Call Patrick at 913 731 7100 or email and i can send pics. I can't get the site to...
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    Looking for sponsors for benefit nine ball tourney

    I am going to putting together a big nine ball tournament here in joplin mo. Part of the proceeds will be going to help tornado victims. I am currently looking for sponsors who would like to have their names or products associated with this tournament. If you are interested or you can help me...
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    Thank You Azers

    I wanted to say thanks to all of you that donated to the victims of the Joplin tornado so far. We have raised a nice amount of money for the 4 girls who lost everything and they are going to be so excited to recieve it. I wanna also thank so many of u that had kind words to say like Joey A. and...
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    Joplin Tornado Victims Need Our Help

    Hey guy my names Patrick Brown and i live in Joplin mo. As you know our town was devastated by an F5 tornado on Sunday 5/22/11. I am ok all I lost was my personal vehicle which insurance will replace. Unfortunatly I was not among the majority. My wife works for a place called the Ozark Center...
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    goldcrown 3s for sale

    I have two mint condition gold crown 3s for sale i will take $2300 a piece for them. They are very nice and I can text you pics of them. These tables come with lights. I am going to pick up 9 of them in ga but am only in need of 7 of them but had to buy all nine in order to get them. They are...
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    Brunswick Gold crown 3s for sale

    I have 4 gold grown 3s for sale I am asking 2500 a piece. These tables are in mint condition black with chrome pockets. I dont have pics to post but can text them. I am going to pick them up in Augusta Ga and taking them to Joplin Mo so anywhere inbetween here and there i can deliver them to you...
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    Jim Barkley Custom Cue for sale

    CUE WILL SELL TODAY AT NOON UNLESS I HAVE A BETTER OFFER PLEASE CALL IF INTERESTED Barkley custom made cue for sale $PRICE REDUCED$ $1550 CUE IN PERFECT CONDITION!! *6 points *black linen wrap *Ivory joint/butt cap *Malachite rings and shield at end of points *1 shaft w/joint protectors Cue...
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    Joplin Mo 9 ball tourney sat nights

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    Shady characters

    There are no shady people in pool
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    What is the deal with players wanting refunds??

    I recently had part of the action in 2 10 ahead sets for 1000 each in which my horse won.. The guy in the box against us name was Billy Rae Sudden, now I usually dont mention names but the next day when we saw him he asked me and the guy that beat him for $40. Keep in mind Billy Rae was getting...