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  1. JimmyRayK

    Wanted to buy newer 8 point Black Boar

    Please text me at 812-455-5528 Thanks
  2. JimmyRayK

    Wanted to buy newer 8 point Black Boar

    Wanted to buy newer 8 point Black Boar. Let me know what’s out there. You’re welcome to text me Thanks Jim Kissinger 812-455-5528
  3. JimmyRayK

    Southwest ~ Kent Davis ~ Predator

    Text me at 812-455-5528 Thanks Jim
  4. JimmyRayK

    Wanted to buy: 3/8x11 Predator Z shaft

    Want to buy a 11.8 mm Predator Z shaft for a 3/8x11 joint. SW style Please text me: 812-455-5528 Thanks Jim
  5. JimmyRayK

    Looking to buy fancy joint protectors for a Ginacue

    Looking to buy both butt and shaft caps for one of my Ginacue’s. I would prefer caps made by Ernie himself, but l would also be open to aftermarket caps. Text me any info. Thanks, Jim 812-455-5528
  6. JimmyRayK

    Wanted to buy: Predator Z shaft for 3/8x11 or blank

    Wanted to buy: Predator Z shaft for 3/8x11 or blank. Thanks in advance
  7. JimmyRayK

    Wanted to buy: custom cue with ebony forearm.

    Cue has been purchased. Thanks for your responses.
  8. JimmyRayK

    Wanted to buy: Gina joint protectors

    Looking to buy a set of either ebony or snakewood joints protectors for a Ginacue
  9. JimmyRayK

    Looking to buy a high end Hercek.

    Please text me at 812-455-5528
  10. JimmyRayK

    Predator Z shaft for a South West cue

    Shaft is SOLD
  11. JimmyRayK

    I would like to buy an ebony Merry Widow

    I would prefer a Gina, Prewitt or Black Boar. Let me know..... Thanks Jim
  12. JimmyRayK

    WTB South West shaft 12.2mm - 12.5mm

    Any used South West shafts out there. anything between 12.2 and 12.5 mm Thanks, Jim
  13. JimmyRayK

    Looking for an older 5/16x14 shaft..........around 12.25mm

    Just like the title says. Looking for a nice dense hard rock maple shaft around 12 1/4mm. I don't care what the collar looks like. From a Mottey, Richard Black, Szamboti, etc. Please text me.......... 812-455-5528 Thanks, JimmyK
  14. JimmyRayK

    I'd like to buy a really nice South West for $5000 cash. Are there any out there???

    No Maple!!! Shafts need to be close to full. Nice veneers. Thanks, Jim Text me at 812-455-5528
  15. JimmyRayK

    I'd like to buy a couple of Predator shafts for a Southwest cue

    I'm interested in either 314's or Z shafts.........either one
  16. JimmyRayK

    My newly redecorated pool room with wall dedicated to my favorite cuemaker.

    I recently did a remodel on parts of my pool room including a complete refinish of my hardwood. I'm very happy how it turned out. On one wall, I'll be hanging a few of my favorite cue prints. Ernie Gutierrez, my favorite cuemaker and in my opinion the greatest of all time will be dedicated on...
  17. JimmyRayK

    Alton has done it again. He has hit a home run making caps for my snakewood Gina!!!

    The best cap maker in the world has completed another set of joint protectors for me. They couldn't turned out any better. He has built me some amazing works of art and has became a fantastic friend. We talk online a lot about cues, life, the crazy ass world we live in and even baseball. Thank...
  18. JimmyRayK

    Loaded ebony and burl Mcdaniel (Lazy Z cue)

    Loaded up ebony and thuya burl Bill McDaniel cue. Hundreds of ivory and silver inlays. Szamboti styling. Peacocks, lazy Z rings, dots wrapped in silver. Perfect lizard wrap. Fancy 3 piece joint protector set. Cue weight in at 19.1 oz. I would be more than willing to add some cash to this deal...
  19. JimmyRayK