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    Thomas Wayne and Richard Black "Enzo Cue"

    Check it out at: Where are our inlay counters now !! Now that a cue !
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    Hager Shutting Down?

    Found this on the J W Hager Website: "We are ceasing operations. Thanks to all our customers. Sorry to all our investors. John Hager." Sorry to see this happen. His methods for cue protection was excellent. :sad: Glad I got a couple of his cases when I could.
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    Roger H. Taft Custom Wooden Ball Case

    I ordered a custom wooden ball case from Roger H. Taft Custom Woodworking (Hightrucker92 on the AZ Forum). Roger makes both wooden cue cases and wooden ball case - many of which can be found on the AZ Forum. You can find his website with many example photos at...
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    OB Cues Ladies Tour on Ustream

    Melinda Bailey (akaTrigger) vs. Courtney Peters on the live stream right now: Brackets on line at: Brackets are online at:
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    Test post

    Test post # 1 :rolleyes:
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    Is is that much harder to find hard wood veneers as it is to find the colored veneers?
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    VBookie Events

    Mr. Wilson: ROCKS ! ! !
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    Meucci Cue on ebay

    I do not know anything about this cue. Looks like someone added a bunch of gold and jewels to a cue. Item number: 230255964136
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    Old Bert Shrager Cue Brochure

    Below is link to photos from an old Bert Shrager cue brochure. Enjoy!
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    Help to Support AzBilliards Forum

    <I appoligize if this is the wrong areas - it is - but some might not look in the other areas of the forum.> Help support AZ if you appreciate all that this forum offers. Participation in this forum will get you more value back from our forum members. Become an AZ Club Member today ! ! I...
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    Help to Support AzBilliards Forum

    Help support AZ if you appreciate all that this forum offers. Participation in this forum will get you more value back from our forum members. Become an AZ Club Member today ! ! I did. AZ Membership: 1) Click ?User CP? (User Control Panel) 2) Click ?Paid Subscriptions? 3) Select the...
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    Wanted - JPs with Indian Head Pennys

    I wanted a set of joint protectors with Indian Head pennies for my very nice Chris Nitti Cue. Jim Baxter on AZ hooked me up. :D I sent him photos of my cue. Jim helped choose the materials that would compliment the cue. It just took a few days to get my set. The Birdseye maple really...
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    Testing post
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    Old pool video and photos

    The website below has some old photos of players with bios as well as a video of Richie Florence and others shooting some trick shots and just playing 14.1. I had not come across this before. Enjoy.
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    Testing 123

    Check 1-2 Check 1-2
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    Happy B-Day to FAST_N_LOOSE

    Happy B-Day FAST_N_LOOSE! Thanks for your participation on the forum, posting some wonderful cue photos, and selling some amazing cues on the forum. May all your shots split the pockets!
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    Jumping Cue Ball

    The BCA's General Rules of Pocket Billiards state: "3.27 JUMP SHOTS Unless otherwise stated in rules for a specific game it is legal to cause the cue ball to rise off the bed of the table by elevating the cue stick on the shot, and forcing the cue ball to rebound from the bed of the table. Any...
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    AnnieO Cancer Benefit

    Note there are details on the main AZBilliards site on a raffle, silent auction, and tournament to raise money for AnnieO - who has cancer. Kim White is hosting this. Tournament is at Bogies Billiards Oct 13th -14th in Houston. Details state AnnieO does not have health insurance to pay for...
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    International Cue Collectors Show in Houston 2007

    Sorry if this is the wrong section, cut did not know where to post. Richard Black's website has a flyer on an International Cue Collectors show coming up October 18-20, 2007 in Houston, Texas in the Magnolia Hotel. and click on "Upcoming Events" Information for tickets is...