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  1. ElLeon

    Aramith Tournament Pro-Cup TV Set, BNIB

    I have a set of brand new in box, still wrapped in the Aramith branded plastic, set of Pro-Cup TV balls. These were a gift that I couldn't use and have been sitting around for about a year. Time to sell them off to somebody who will get some use out of them! $350 shipped within the US via...
  2. ElLeon

    Poor calls at WCoP

    How does a ref who is paying attention to the match not see things such as this foul hit? The 8-ball was clearly hit before the 4-ball. I don't have any skin in the game here, but that's a pretty blatant non-call. Can't believe the Thai players didn't raise a complaint. There was a foul...
  3. ElLeon

    Rivera may close soon

    Looks like the APA will have to finally move to a new location for their tournament after the news out of Las Vegas today. "What began as a rumor this month is now official: the Las Vegas tourism...
  4. ElLeon

    First time buyer, table construction questions

    I am looking to purchase a 8' table in the Seattle area, however there are a few interesting requirements to get the table into my condo. 1) Have a elevator that can haul 2,800 lbs, however it is not large enough for a 7' table box. It also isn't large enough for my 7' fisher table which just...
  5. ElLeon

    Help identify this cue

    This cue was handed down to me on my eight birthday (1988) from my father. He got the cue from his father. Since we (father and I) haven't spoken in years its potential history is unknown. Unfortunately there are no marks or identifications on the cue to assist. If anybody has information...