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    I got $1,500 so tell me........

    I like custom Richard Hsu but he's stopped taking orders. I have my original one available along with original maple shaft and a Predator 314-2 shaft. I'd sell it 1000 and advise getting one of his new Hsunami kielwood shafts from Richard. And my friend Cuong swears by JoeyinCali....Joey...
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    Mark Wilson's New Book

    There's three videos on YouTube running 62 minutes total that do go over Mark's stance recommendation. 2 interesting tips. First toe and foot do not step on shooting line but right next to it (toe) instead. Next try setting up against a wall with cue flush to wall (except room for...
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    New rack both balls in the rack area

    OK - cue ball and 15th ball (break ball or play safety). You spot the object ball on the head spot and play the cue ball from in the kitchen. My question is: IS THE OBJECT BALL LOCATED ON THE HEAD SPOT LEGAL TO SHOOT AT? My impression is that a ball ON the head string is not "in" the kitchen and...
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    ID? Schon Wrapless Ebony/BEM 4 Point, 1" Cream Cap

    Trying to identify this Schon. It is Wrapless, has 4 Ebony points (not sharp) into BEM, a short ⅞" Cream Cap (looks natural). The section where the wrap would normally be is wood but composed of 5 pieces each just over 5" long. 8" points. Thank you for any assistance! Sent from my SM-A600U...
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    Please post pics of exotic woods w/identification

    I'm thinking of having a custom cue made, but have limited knowledge of some of the finer wood choices available. I'll probably keep it relatively simple a merry widow or basic four pointer with veneers. Not into inlays or just a few simple ones. But my primary goal here is to see some of the...
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    Judd Fuller Cue Available (from Helena Thornfeldt!)

    I'm not selling this but Helena is. Seventy chances - - $50 each. Remarkable opportunity! Her personal cue. Here's what I posted on Facebook (and if you are interested Facebook is where you can message her): CUE COLLECTORS!!! JUDD FULLER CUE UP FOR RAFFLE! Judd Fuller...
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    Richard J Hsu 2011 Cocobolo Cue

    My main cue though I'm currently having an affair with my new vintage SE cue.
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    Nat Green South East Sea Birdseye Cue--Great Wood!

    I got this from Jack Sebree who knew Nat Green. The original shaft has a slight warp so I took the Predator 314² off my Richard J. Hsu cue, going back to Richard's shaft, and put the Predator on the SE cue. Now, a question, am I harming my game and learning curve if I enjoy playing with...
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    Fountain Inn Red's Players IX Pool Cue?

    Purchased on eBay from a seller who said he knew Red and purchased this cue from him. Beautiful cue and vintage, but I would have thought a heavily reputed player would have had a more prestigious cue. One curious feature is what seem like man made errors--points not all same height, a...
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    Brunswick Magnum Series Pool Cue MG-5 Made by Joss - No Longer Available

    Brunswick Magnum Series Pool Cue MG-5 Made by Joss Apparently very rare Brunswick MG-5 Cue made by Joss (it appears in Joss Archives page). This was the second from the top of the Magnus line cues (and personally I think the more attractive). Forearm is Birdseye Maple (not very bird's-eye-y)...
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    Standard Shafts with no or low deflection?

    My Richard Hsu cue appears to have almost no detectable deflection even though it only has Richard's standard maple shaft. If I shoot the cue down table to the long cushion a few times, I can generally get the cue ball to return right to the tip of my cue. If I aim the identical shot with even...
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    Mcdermott d-1 for sale on ebay

    The eBay ad basically says it all. This cue went from original owner to son to me. It's in excellent original condition except for slight warp in shaft.
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    Can we examine room/table size in a different way?

    Hello Players, Installers, Experts, etc. I've recently moved into the home I plan to live in for the next twenty or thirty years and the designated "Pool Room" is a bit small in terms of width for a 9' table, or even an 8' table in some opinions. Length is not a problem. The room is 13' 2"...