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    Howard , Pierce for sale

    60" SW style wrapless Pierce no Longer available .
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    Birdseye maple Bluegrss

    I have a birdseye maple with brown leather wrap bluegrass cue for sale . Comes with matching joint protectors . Micarta ferrules . Butt weighs 15.0 oz . shafts weigh 3.90 oz each . One shaft has about 20 games played on it .They other is unused by me . Tips are original l as far as I know ...
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    Try to figure out how to add pictures

    Bluegrass cue
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    pool rooms in panama city florida

    HI all , I will be in Panama City Florida next week and was wondering if there is any good pool rooms I might be able to go to . Thanks in advance , Mark
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    LTB 3/8 ×10 lakewood or bowling alley shaft

    Hi looking for a 3/8×10 lakewood shaft or possiblly a bowling alley shaft . 12.75mm or larger . Or possible a cue maker that can make one that may match ringwork . Thanks in advance Mark
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    willard tipping machine

    Used willard tipping machine . @ 13 1/2 collets and tip installing collet . Etra blades . Do not have instructions . sold shipped to con US . Thanks for looking
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    My girlfriend think's I am crazy !!

    Since feburary I have gone a little overboad on buying cues . I picked up a couple Gilberts and a Sugartree .
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    ivory or not ? and ring work

    Couple questions . How can you tell if a joint is ivory ? I have heard you will see grains in it and it may appear yellow ? Is any of these true ? and If I want to have a ring replaced at bottom of wrap (position d , i believe) is it possible ? thanks for the help , Mark