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  1. PoolFan101

    Is anyone still using Ultra skin tips ?

    Hello , This just ordered some black medium ultra skin tips. We have been currently using Triangle which I believe is still the best non Pam tip out there if you get a good one. My Son was running Kamui SS on his cue but it seemed to be glazed a lot and he was miscueing a lot. He went...
  2. PoolFan101

    What time s the best method for cleaning a fiberglass shaft such as a Cuetec

    Need to clean a Fiberglass shaft from a cuetec cue. I did niot want to damage it. What is the best way to clean it and what to use to clean with. Thanks
  3. PoolFan101

    Any Idea who could have made this Cue. Nice looking but unkown maker and value

    Hello , I was hoping someone may know who could have made this cue. I know it is hard to tell but thought something may stand out . It is a nice looking cue and he belives it is a custom made cue that maybe was refinsihed and builders name was removed , what would the value be in a cue...
  4. PoolFan101

    Question about Builder Jim Baxter - Cue Quality

    Hello , I am Looking ar a Cue that was built by Jim Baxter , I am not familer with him and was Hoping someone here has and can let me know the quality of hsi work. I spoke to him briefly on the phone and he seems genuinely Nice and i enjoyed speaking with him. The Cue really caught my...
  5. PoolFan101

    7 or 8 ft table - What is the preferred table

    Hello , Growing up in the local pool halls all they ever had around here was 8 ft tables. I learned the game and it’s many turns and tricks on a 8 ft Steepleton table with green felt. I still prefer 8 ft as that is what I am accustomed to. But in the last couple of years it seems 7ft...
  6. PoolFan101

    Minnesota Fats- Rambow cue

    I have been watching The great pool shoot out match Between Willie Mosconi and Minnesota Fats that was televised by ABC wide world of sports. We can see Willie’s famous Balabushka cue but out of curiosity is Fats shooting with his Rambow which I assume he is as it seems that is the only Cue Fats...
  7. PoolFan101

    Sanitizing your Cue - Is Alcohol enough no immune system

    Once again a equipment thread. I apologize for the bother ahead of time but have a question that is serious to me. I found out last year that I had Colon Cancer. Something you hate to hear especially at 42. But after Surgery and Chemo treatments my Immune system is not up to par. When we play...
  8. PoolFan101

    Adam Balabushka Hall of Fame - weight bolt

    Hello , On a Adam Balabushka hall of Fame CS-436 Does it have a weight bolt in it. It says 19oz but feels a lot heavier. I took out the rubber bumper in the bottom , which looks like a Meucci bumper to me , and do not see a weight bolt in it. I believe these were made 90’s maybe or...
  9. PoolFan101

    1 generation Predator sneaky Pete butt only value ?

    Sorry for another equipment thread guys but I have posted on here a time or 2 about wanting a sneaky Pete with green veneers. It seems like that is hard to find or get made anymore. I talked with Schmelke and a few others to be told that they could not make one. I was at a Tournament last night...
  10. PoolFan101

    Hall of Fame Cues - were they made in Japan ? Just found this

    I know we have discussed this several times about the Hall of Fame Cues which has the thick nickel rings and the classic Balabushka designs and so fourth. These Cues are the Balabushka without the Signature, and also the other classic Cue maker designs. We have discussed this many times here and...
  11. PoolFan101

    Ferrule - what material is closest to Ivory

    I like the look of a Ivory ferrule , it stays cleaner and that creamer color looks cool as it ages. Problem is Ivory is 2 high price wise. What material would be the next to ivory, that would give a similar look and also stay cleaner. Thanks.
  12. PoolFan101

    Case - What is your preference

    I have been looking at all the different cases available today. The selection is sure a ton more than it was back then in the days gone by. Some of them have plastic tubes and some of them have felt lined tubes. I am looking at a nice 3/5 Nick Varner that my dealer is offering a pretty good deal...
  13. PoolFan101

    Shaft Question - how to make slick and remove dry wood feel

    We got our younger Son a Action sneaky Pete cue as he is just starting to get into playing. He wanted A black color on the points and butt so that is the only one we could find. The shaft feels really dry. Not slick at all. I normally will go over a new shaft with parchment paper that really...
  14. PoolFan101

    Meucci pool ball set

    Does anyone know were a set of these can be found and also who made them. My Son is a fan of Meucci and is looking for a set of the pool balls with Meucci that I assume was made for them.
  15. PoolFan101

    Asking for a friend. What is the best cheaper Sneaky Pete to buy

    I have a friend who is starting out in playing and what’s to buy a decent cheaper sneaky Pete to play while he is learning. One that will play good but cost 2-300. I recommend Players and maybe Action but that was back in the day as I do not know to much about them now. What do you recommend. I...
  16. PoolFan101

    Tip - What flavor is everybody running these days - Just to see what is more liked

    Hello , I just wanted to see what everybody is using for their Tip choice these days and what you like about them. I plan on ordering me some Black Medium Ultra skins to try , I have been using Triangle here latley and once they break in the seem to take English really well . I use...
  17. PoolFan101

    lathe , Would this work and what tools would I need to just do shaft maintence and tips

    I have my Guy who is about a hour or so away from me that does all my tip work. He is the best bar none and has been doing this for 40 plus years , But it just seems to be harder for me to get time to drive and I would like to be able to at least do my own tip work and shaft maintence only . I...
  18. PoolFan101

    Elite Cues any good ?

    I have been looking for a sneaky Pete with green veneers and not have to pay a fortune for one just to bang a few balls. I found a Elite cue that has the green veneers but I do not much about them. Are they a decent cue for the money. Here is a link to it...
  19. PoolFan101

    Problay A Stupid quesion But , Aramith Pool balls , does cleaning a new set help ?

    Hello , Along with the new Premium Aramith set we also got some Aramith cleaner which you know what it is used for but it said something about taking static away maybe. I just wanted to ask if polishing a new set with the cleaner would maybe put a protective coat over the balls so they would...
  20. PoolFan101

    What is the Difference between Aramith premier ball set and Premium ball set. What makes the different.

    Hello , For you Aramith ball collector or enthusiast what is the difference between the premier and premium sets. Is one better than the other. Thanks