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  1. ctran

    WTB: BEM nose South West cue

    Hi I am looking for a South West cue, with budget a reason, I would prefer: - BEM nose - Ebony points a plus - Predate a plus - 2 original shafts 12.8mm at least Please email me what you have for sale Thank you very much.
  2. ctran

    2017 new condition Tascarella WTT for South West

    Hi, I have this Pete Tascarella in new condition, made 2017 want to trade for a South West, preferably predate, full shafts, original condition, and straight. Please PM to discuss details if you are interested.
  3. ctran

    WTB: Curly Maple Sugartree

    Hi, I am in the market for a curly maple Sugartree, preferably plain jane, with screw-in bumper. please pm if you have one for sale. thank you.
  4. ctran

    From my friend's treasure chest to mine: Edwin Reyes 11pointer

    Marcel Lim (Cyberrot) was my great cue mate in Singapore, I regard him as my mentor in cues for sharing his knowledge and pointing me towards true quality in cues. He was proud to own this Edwin Reyes cue and told me million times about his admiration towards the late master cue builder, this...
  5. ctran

    Question about Ring Game, how to apply for tournament

    Hi guys, I recently learn about Ring game and find it very interesting, can you please help outline some rules how the game is popularly play? I want to hold a 9ball ring game tournament, how can I apply and what are the important factor for such tournament? I have seen some clips but there...
  6. ctran

    Why do EU players throw cue away in celebration?

    Appleton did that Ouschan did that Shaw did that Filler did that Shane does not do that Ko does not do that not Chang, Wu, Chua, Biado... none last generation EU players did not do that it's the cue that brought them glory, it's like an extension to your arm emotion does not...
  7. ctran

    FS/FT: Gorgeous 2016 Richard Chudy Wildwood cue

    Listing this cue for my mentor. Richard Chudy (RC3) cue with extremely rare and old Wildwood into Maple - year made: 2016 - forearm: BEM; 4 points and butt sleeve: Wildwood; elephant ear wrap - black white black white veneers; notched silver rings - butt: 15.7oz; shafts: 3.5oz 12.9mm and 3.7oz...
  8. ctran

    FS - Joey Bautista superb player

    I am selling this for a friend. Joey Bautista cue converted from an old Valley house cue, 2012. - Purpleheart into straight maple, fancy ring, 58 inch even-split - 3/8x11 brass pin, stag horn collar on butt, butt weights 15oz - 2 shafts, black and brown phenolic, both with westinghouse micarta...
  9. ctran

    WTB - Predator LE ICE and FIRE

    Butt only is fine. pls let me know if you have for sale, or you know who sell. thank you. Cuong.
  10. ctran

    WTB - Satin South West

    I am looking to buy a Satin South West Requirements: - original condition - 1-2 shafts close to 13mm - linen wrap - straight - figured BEM or other wood is a big plus - 60 inch is a plus hit me up via pm or email thank you. Cuong
  11. ctran

    WTB - JF South West, Tascarella, Mobley, Tad...

    not looking anymore
  12. ctran

    WTB - Predate Franklin South West

    I am looking to buy a Jerry Franklin South West Requirements: - original condition - 2 full shafts - linen wrap - straight - 60 inch is a plus hit me up via pm or email thank you. Cuong
  13. ctran

    FS: 2014 Blue Grass: Gaboon Ebony and Tulipwood - great looking and playing cue

    For sale is a 2014 Blue Grass cue by Richard Harris Very dark Gaboon Ebony forearm with figured and vibrant Tulipwood, black with orange speck linen wrap and dark orange westinghouse micarta ferrules make this a superb looking cue, yet it plays better. Specs: - butt: 16.2oz - shafts: 3.5oz...
  14. ctran

    Zylr Curly Bubinga cue

    For sale is a curly bubinga Zylr (Kerry Zeiler) cue Specs: - Curly bubinga/Waterfall bubinga forearm and sleeve, awesom curls and figures, smooth leather wrap, stag horn joint - butt: 15.4oz - used shaft: 3.7oz 12.7mm, unused shaft: 4.1oz 13.1mm; ivorX ferrules, black fibre pad, kamui tips...
  15. ctran

    WTB - Ebony Zylr or Joey cue

    as title, pm me if you have one for sale. email better thank you. Cuong.
  16. ctran

    WTB - SW, Mobley, Tascarella, Hercek

    I am looking for a reasonable cue, relatively simple 4p4v or SW - linen or wrapless - no ivory or elephant - 2 shafts close to 13mm Hit me up. Thanks
  17. ctran

    FS - Two Joey petes for sale... you wont find better players

    Selling these two as I look to free some funds, bought these as players and they are pure monster players, but Joey is sending me another one. 1- Joey Bautista Bocote/BEM sneaky - figured bocote and BEM; brass radial pin - butt: 15.5oz - black phenolic collar shaft: 4.1oz; 12.8mm; precision...
  18. ctran

    FS: Wes Hunter and Joeys - all great players
  19. ctran

    Joey/Zylr 1of1 Black Micarta cue

    For sale is a one of one black micarta cue started by Zeiler and finished by Joey. Joey posted the cue in the making: Joey's description: This was going to be Kerry's version of the Black Beauty by Hank Corsair . Kerry got his start in...
  20. ctran

    Question about shot clock at US Open 9ball and World Pool Series

    I wonder if there are shot clocks at outside tables for the 2 events. There are clocks for TV tables, but I noticed on live streams of outside table, players seem to take a lot more time to shoot. I am curious because I think a professional event without shot clock is a joke, many players have...