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  1. Worminator

    16 Point Joss West - Mint

    Here is a classic Bill Stroud design with 8 veneered points and 8 spear tipped points. Great ring work and a smooth leather wrap. Includes original Joss West logo joint caps. Cue looks like it just came out of Bill's shop! Butt Weight - 15.5 Shaft 1 oz - 3.9 Shaft 1 MM - 13.0 Shaft 1...
  2. Worminator

    Tad 1 Zebrawood

    Here is a Tad 1 in Zebrawood. After the original owner displayed this cue for a couple years with his collection, he discovered the handle had moved. He had Mike Gulyassy replace the handle to return the cue back to perfect straightness. The cue has never been played. Shafts are in brand new...
  3. Worminator

    Richard Harris "Bluegrass" Wrapless

    It is rare to see a fancier Richard Harris cue up for sale, especially a wrapless one. This is a great cue with Tulipwood points recut into Ebony, with an Ebony handle. Needle in a haystack kind of cue. Butt Weight - 16.1 Shaft 1 oz - 3.8 Shaft 1 MM - 13.1 Shaft 1 Material - Micarta Shaft 2...
  4. Worminator

    Sold Gorgeous Paul Dayton - Ebony & Amboyna

  5. Worminator

    Sold Wrapless Barnhart

  6. Worminator

    Sold Pau Ferro on Pau Ferro Southwest

  7. Worminator

    3 Dennis Swift Cases

    Black and tan inlaid 4x8 - SOLD Dark and Light inlaid 3x6 - SOLD Brown 3x6 - $350 All are in pre-owned excellent condition.
  8. Worminator

    2 Mint Bob Owen Hoppe Cues

    Bob Owen #1 - Beautiful classic design in this Brazilian Rosewood Hoppe. Cue has a genuine lizard wrap and a Bushka style ring. Butt Weight - 15.0 Shaft 1 oz - 4.0 Shaft 1 MM - 13.0 Shaft 1 Material - Nat Shaft 2 oz - 4.0 Shaft 2 MM - 13.0 Shaft 2 Material - Nat Joint Pin - 3/8X11 Joint...
  9. Worminator

    Ebony Diveney Butterfly Cue - Mint

    Beautiful 2020 Diveney with vibrant veneers, ebony butterflies, and Tulipwood interior points. Silver and Abalone fancy ringwork compliment the veneers nicely. Cue also comes with 2 Trans K Kielwood shafts with matching ringwork. Butt is 15oz, both shafts are 13mm, one at 3.9oz and one at...
  10. Worminator

    Sold Fancy Barnhart Sneaky

  11. Worminator

    Sold Diveney 60" Full Splice Hoppe with Trans K Shaft

    Pat Diveney 2020 Purpleheart into dark Birdseye Maple Full Splice Hoppe cue. Butt weighs 15oz. Cue comes with the Diveney Tran K Kielwood shaft which is 13mm. 60" cue with a 3/10 modified pin. Cue has been Sold.
  12. Worminator

    Group of 10 Cues For Sale or Trade

    Here is a group of ten cues. Some I have posted before, some are first time listings. I am a motivated seller! The prices posted are CASH prices. Trades may be considered at a higher value. If you are looking to trade, please message me here, or text at the number below with pictures of...
  13. Worminator

    Awesome Madden Set - Pink Ivory/Ebony/Silver

    This set includes a playing cue with three shafts, and a matching jump cue that breaks down. The playing cue features 8 Pink Ivory points recut into Holly points, that are cur into Gaboon Ebony. The points are razor sharp as you would expect from Jack. The Ebony butt sleeve has eight Holly...
  14. Worminator

    Gorgeous Captain Bob Manzino Beauty

    Gorgeous Bob Manzino cue with 6 Amboyna Burl points into Ebony. Multi-layer inlays with ivory, ebony, and silver. Beautiful rings throughout the cue. Genuine EE wrap, and an ultra-fancy joint protector for the butt. Butt weighs 15.5oz. Two shafts are 3.8oz with ivory ferrules, one at 12.7mm...
  15. Worminator

    Sold 2018 Eric Crisp Sugartree Custom

    2018 Eric Crisp Sugartree Custom in Black Palm and insanely figured Tiger Maple. Cue is in near mint condition. 14.8oz butt, shafts are 13mm at 4oz each. 3/8x10 pin. SOLD
  16. Worminator

    Fancy Rosewood Pete Tascarella

    Fancy Rosewood Pete Tascarella. Beautiful veneer combo with ebony bordered ivory inlays. Gorgeous cue in mint condition. Butt is 15.8oz. Shafts are full 13mm, one at 4oz and one at 3.9oz. Nice dark, tight grained shafts with ivory ferrules. Matching joint caps. $4,850 shipped to qualifying...
  17. Worminator

    Sold Hickory Burl Fancy Sugartree

    Eric Crisp Sugartree cue with Hickory Burl and Cocobolo. Recut veneers and scallops. Drop dead gorgeous cue. Pictures speak for themselves! SOLD
  18. Worminator

    Sold Ebony on Ebony Blackcreek

    Something you do not see for sale much these days, an Ebony on Ebony Full Splice Blackcreek cue. Great color combination.... Black Lip Mother of Pearl inlays with silver/black/white veneers. Cue features Travis's 5/16x14 piloted half Stainless Steel joint. His best playing joint configuration...
  19. Worminator

    Diveney Butterfly Cue

    Diveney Butterfly cue in Brazilian Rosewood and Tulipwood. The Brazilian Rosewood is high grade with a lot of black grain... beautiful. The wrap is genuine EE. Pin is 3/8x10. It comes with 2 PD shafts, both weight 3.9oz, one at 12.9mm and one at 12.6mm. Unplayed! $3450 shipped worldwide
  20. Worminator

    Sold Eddie Cohen Titlist Color Veneer Hoppe

    Brand new 2019 Eddie Cohen Gaboon ebony into high figure birdseye maple 4 point 4 veneer (Titlist) Hoppe style cue. Slotted radial Elphoryn diamond inlay in points. Tomahawk joint sleeve and Hoppe ring. Black and white mini-check deco ringsets at joint. Black Spanish Bull leather wrap...