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  1. Landlover

    How to mess up a break/jump cue

    Any hard playing tip isn’t going to jump well unless that shaft is super stiff and it won’t ever jump like a hard tip. If you would’ve chosen a Samsara, Gator tip ( Andy Gilbert) or an Odega, you would’ve been more than happy.
  2. Landlover

    Tiger Claw 3 wing cutter?

    Around 200. My speed on my Consew motor says 350 but it is actually closer to 200 because of the size of the spindle on the headstock. My router speed is 25k.
  3. Landlover

    Tiger Claw 3 wing cutter?

    I posted a pic and a video link in my post above of my setup working and how smooth it was after a pass. I’m tapering a green mountain camo Spectraply shaft for a jump cue in the video. My feed rate is 15 ipm and I’m taking about .030” off per pass. That’s the first Google Drive video I’ve...
  4. Landlover

    30” Gilbert shaft

    I’m selling a like new 30”, 13 mm, .844” joint diameter, 4.1 oz shaft 3/8x10 pin with original Triangle tip on a LBM ferrule from Andy Gilbert. This shaft came from a jump break that a guy had made and he had Andy make a shooting shaft and he never played with it. I got it in a trade and it is...
  5. Landlover

    Tiger Claw 3 wing cutter?

    I have used Whiteside cutters that were 1/16” that were recommended by a Hall of Fame cue maker and I now use a Freud 63-100 1/16” cutter now recommended by another well known maker. I get a lot better results with those than I ever did with a 6 wing. No cat claws on my shafts or butts. They cut...
  6. Landlover

    Wanted: Play Great Pool by Mark Wilson & Donald Wardell, MD Book

    You can get it for $70 shipped from Mark's web site.
  7. Landlover

    Best cheap digital caliper

    I’m not a fan of the digital calipers. I have a couple of nice Startetts but I usually leave them in a case. I actually use a 6” dial caliper that has inch and mm made by Anytime Tool. You can get them on Amazon for $36. I keep one in my vehicle for use when I’m out and about and one in my top...
  8. Landlover

    Interest in slot cutters ground concentric to arbor?

    I use 2” 3 wing slot cutters by Freud and send them to a guy that sharpens them on the arbor. The guy doesn’t charge much, $7 a piece, and they are sharp and more concentric than they were from the factory. I don’t think they need to be perfect to cut a nice clean taper. I think feed, speed and...
  9. Landlover

    Tip to 'firm up' a LD shaft hit......?

    The long taper and Hydex ferrule material is what is giving it the soft hit. I doubt a tip change will get you what you’re looking for.
  10. Landlover

    Smoking Aces Brackets

    Thanks buddy!
  11. Landlover

    Smoking Aces Brackets

    Does anyone have a link to the Smoking Aces $4000 added brackets from this weekend?
  12. Landlover

    Tomahawk on Cynergy?

    I’ll bet Hydex 202 ferrule material would be great for that too.
  13. Landlover

    Very thin plastic sheets?

    I sent you a link via pm. They are a great source and have great customer service.
  14. Landlover

    QCTP Quick Change Tool Post size for taig based lathes (hightower & midamerica)?

    OXA is the one you want. I modified mine and put two cross slides together to get more travel. Your travel will be limited with a QCTP on a Taig based lathe
  15. Landlover

    Sewing machine motor

    I use 3/4 hp Consew motors and the new one I have is AWESOME. I was able to purchase a smaller pulley to add more torque and slow it down and the handle will stay where you put it, unlike the motor on my other lather. They are servo motors that are super quiet, smooth, and powerful. I am going...
  16. Landlover

    Is This a Huebler

    Definitely not a Huebler.
  17. Landlover

    LD and Power

    I think to really test the low deflection vs regular shaft jumping ability, you would need to test two shafts that had the same taper, shaft material, tip diameter, ferrule material, and tip. The only difference between the two needs to be that the end mass is reduced on one of them. The next...
  18. Landlover

    DC motor recomendation

    Cool! I’m glad that worked out for you. I’m going to use some stepper motors on my CNC router build. One will have that same speed control and the other one will be controlled in Mach. Good stuff there!
  19. Landlover

    I sold my 4' beds and bought two 6' lathe beds for my lathes, then added a 4 jaw chuck with...

    I sold my 4' beds and bought two 6' lathe beds for my lathes, then added a 4 jaw chuck with double bearings behind my head stock. I also changed my lathe over to a CNC. The rack and pinion SUCKS for tapering purposes IMO..
  20. Landlover

    Are these THE BEST Utility blade-cue tip Trimming

    I’ve tried a BUNCH and like the Lenox Gold Titanium the best. They are more expensive than others but you get what you pay for. I buy the 100 pack from Amazon for $34.